Hardware Review: PlayStation Move

[email protected] Writes: "The Playstation Move is finally here and we can finally see how Sony’s praised new motion controller stands up to the test of augmented reality. This review will review the Move hardware as well as a look into some of the current software that uses it including: Sports Champions, the Shoot Demo, Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, Ruse, and many of the titles shown off in the Move demo disk. So if you’re curious about the buying the Move or if you have it and are wondering which games are going to be right for you then look no further, as the Playstation Move will be reviewed and explained in full detail."

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MGRogue20172923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Buy it...

OneSneakyMofo2923d ago

I think I'll wait it out. I want to see what other games Move has to offer down the road.

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cliffbo2923d ago

i'd have to agree to a certain extent, but if you can get a demo somewhere were you are, i'd also suggest having a go on Sports Champion. it might change your mind. there are also some really nice demos up on PSN, Echochrome and Tumble being the best IMO

darthv722923d ago

it will.

@onesneaky.. there is something to be said about those who wait. They dont get to rub it in their friends face first.


I saw a Kmart deal that gave a 25 dollar coupon for buying the bundle that I could not pass up.... I used the coupon to buy a second move and basically saved 65 dollars on sports champions and the move... and let me tell you the free demos were like 15 games to try out. I still have not played them all! most importantly gladiator duel alone is worth the 2 controlers... it is the greatest hardcore moction control experience ever!!!

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ElementX2923d ago

Definitely waiting on my Move purchase. None of the software catches my eye at this point.

cliffbo2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

not even RES5, Heavy Rain or MAG? Sports Champion isn't a party game but if you wanted a good party game then Start The Party is great. Echochrome is a great concept and Tumble is fun too. i'm not sure what games people are waiting for.

syanara2923d ago

Do you Really believe Tumble is Fun? Don't lie to urself man. I want to know Honestly DO you think Tumble is Fun?

ElementX2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

Played RE5, played Heavy Rain, not interested in MAG. Motion controls for RE5, HR, and MAG are add-on gimmicks. I don't want to replay RE5 and HR just for motion controls. I'm over those games. I'll come back to them maybe next year sometime, but I have moved on to other games for now.

RayRay362923d ago

Pretty decent reviews so far, but I really dont know if I wanna throw down that type of cash for a conrtoller. If I did, Id want 2 Moves and 2 Navigation controllers. Which would be like $180? Id rather just get a few new games. Move is definitive purchase in the future, but I dont see me getting my moneys worth at $180. I give it 6 months before a price drop.

teedogg802923d ago

To get the full Move experience that's why. I myself went with 2 moves and one nav controller. Worth every penny.

syanara2923d ago

you don't need two nav controllers if it's just for you. As far as I know there is no single player Move game that involves two nav controllers however for SOCOM 4 Co-op with a friend then two Nav controllers might come in handy but SOCOM 4 isnt coming for a while yet. One Nav Controller, 2 Move Controllers, the Eye and a game is all you really need which is what I got and it cost me a total of $180. With that I can have any full single player experience, some multiplayer experience and the camera which has a value of its own.

But like I said in the review I agree that the move will be slow burn and the launch Line-up isn't stellar. a REALLY good launch lineup would include The Fight and the Shoot.