EMEAA Weekly Chart | 18th Sep 2010

VGchartz: The week's top-selling games/hardware ranked by unit sales

Console Weekly (change)

360 116,934 (+71%)
DS 92,455 (-1%)
PS3 58,167 (+18%)
Wii 51,807 (-3%)
PSP 28,304 (-14%)
PS2 15,685 (-7%)

New Software

1. Halo: Reach (X360) 952,085
2. Sports Champions (PS3) 60,732

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ssj2800d ago ShowReplies(5)
big_silky2800d ago

Maybe 2011 will finally be the year of the PS3 fellas, Move didn't even give it a minor bump.

ssj2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Just wait for..........PS4

DaTruth2800d ago

Didn't this say VGChartz? You guys are discussing it like if it were real sales numbers!

YellowLightofDeath2800d ago

But I thought the PS3 owned Europe? I guess not. Looks like th 360 and PS3 are just about tied in terms of lifetime sales.

SWORDF1SH2800d ago


20% increase is pretty good.

RememberThe3572800d ago

Optimism doesn't go over well in this crowd. Just nod and smile.

Like this:

"Sure, yeah. The PS3 is totally doomed..."

See, they see that and they feel validated and move on. Otherwise, they'll smash on the disagree button and take your bubbles.

Your walking on egg shells here at N4G, your walking on egg shells...

Trroy2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

*Looks at Kinect launch weekend*

Give it up for the 360 fans. They are just as stubborn as the PS3 fans were at the start of the generation. Kudos for loyalty.

These guys willingly embrace Kinect, after preaching how lame the Wii was for eons. At least the Move has some serious games coming out for it within the next 6 months.

StanLee2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Regardless of how great Move games may seem, they all seem like they would be better played with a standard controller, so what's the point? Kinect for me is a none factor. Besides video Kinect, I can see no real use for it.

Omega42800d ago

Well Move wasn't much of a system seller, quite surprised as I've seen a lot of ads for it during the X-factor in UK, so I'm guessing people just don't want a more accurate Wii.

And Halo is once again a system seller, wouldn't surprise me if a similar bump happens with Black Ops, although it will be hard to tell if its Kinect or COD :p

Ju2800d ago

Mor...(oops). They sold more Sports Bundles than PS3s (60K vs. 58K) I guess the Move (and the PS3) sold quite well. Only topped by Reach. I think they could put peanuts into the case with a Halo sticker and that would still outsell everything else (at leas the first time).

Nitrowolf22800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )



kaveti66162800d ago

That is to imply that Halo Reach is somehow a bad game?

How very clever of you.

3 years from now when you've burned out on all your hyped franchises, hundreds of thousands of people will still be enjoying Halo Reach.

So, yeah, Bungie could probably pack a bunch of peanuts into a case and slap a Halo sticker on it and sell it, but Bungie decided to create the best Halo game ever, and one of the best games of the generation, with more content than all of its competitors.

Anon19742800d ago

What's that? Move didn't make a significant impact in hardware sales for parts of Europe in the 3 days it was available according to faked VGChartz data? And Omega4 is crowing about it? Who would have thunk it?

Please stop posting these figures as if they were anywhere close to accurate. It's over halfway through September now and VGChartz numbers are still half a million off from official PS3 numbers that Sony released at the end of June. They're not accurate. This isn't news. Stop posting it.

And as for Halo being a system seller, I have a challenge for you. Go look at the official Microsoft data for the quarter after Halo 3 launched. Now compare it to the same quarter the year before? What do you notice? What's that? 360 console sales actually went down year over year when Halo 3 launched according to Microsoft's data? Funny how the truth and Omega4 so often find themselves at odds with each other.

I'd wait until official data from each company is available before I started making claims like "Move didn't sell consoles" or "Halo Reach is a system seller". You should to. Cheers!

N4PS3Fanboys2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

VGChartz's estimates are sold numbers, Sony's estimates are shipped numbers. Sony can only track how many PS3s leave their warehouses, while VGChartz attempts to track how many units are actually sold to consumers. VGChartz numbers are likely very accurate and this short analysis can help to show that Sony definitely overshipped the PS3 by a lot last quarter, which would explain the large discrepancy between the numbers:

"Jan-March 2010: According to Sony, PS3 shipped 2.2 million
During that time, PS3 sold 950.9k in NPD + 500k in Media Create = 1.45m North America/Japan.

April-June 2010: According to Sony, PS3 shipped 2.4 million
During that time, PS3 sold 640k in NPD + 250k in Media Create = 900k North America/Japan.

So Sony shipped 200,000 more in the 2nd quarter despite selling 550,000 less in North America and Japan. That's a 750,000 unit discrepancy between shipped numbers and sold numbers right there, not even including Europe. This would easily explain the difference between Sony's numbers and other sources' worldwide numbers, such as VGChartz.

There is no official sales data for Europe, but sales would not dramatically increase in Europe while declining everywhere else. They would almost certainly have declined there as well. The numbers are pretty clear. Sony shipped a ton more than they sold this quarter to catch up with a supply shortage. That should normalize in their next financial report."


And here's yet another funny thing about PS3 sales; after announcing the PS3 had "sold" 38.1 million back in June, Sony more recently announced that the PS3 had sold 38 million at TGS this month. Three months later and they report a lower number? Very strange...

ColJessup2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Sorry, N4PS3Fanboys. You're wrong. All it takes is a quick check of Sony's investor site to see that they reported shipped PS3 figures for the first six months the PS3 was out, then they switched.
DR66 provided that link a month ago.
"From FY06 the method of reporting hardware and software unit sales has been changed from production shipments to recorded sales."
Unless you think Sony is lying to their investors, looks like your claim is busted.

And if VGChartz tracks sales and that did somehow explain why PS3 numbers were off, how do you explain how time and time again say more 360's are sold then Microsoft says are sold to retail? Figure that one out. Face it, you, and VGChartz are out to lunch.

And of course Sony said last month 38 million consoles were sold. That was the last official number. They don't release sales data ahead of their fiscal updates - ever! The next official update is up to the end of September, according to Sony's site. You want a bet that VGChartz is still off 2 million from the official SOLD data that Sony reports, like they have been for almost 8 months now? And how about when Microsoft reports sold to retail for their quarter as well. You want a bet that VGChartz will still report more 360's sold than Microsoft says they sent out for the year?

And if VGChartz tracks "Sold", how come they've been right before? Either Microsoft or Sony started doing something different or VGChartz did. How come their numbers once were fairly in sync with the official data before but they aren't anymore?

Son, I don't think you can handle the truth! I know VGChartz can't, or just doesn't care. Where are you gonna get your data - from the company themselves that are subject to external audit and accountable by law, or some fan run guesstimate web site that who answers to exactly no one?

Bubbles to DR66 again for being the voice of reason in this asylum.

commodore642799d ago Show
ColJessup2799d ago

Just because I agree with DR, disagree with you and know how to use Google to check my facts doesn't mean I'm a DR66 clone, it means I'm like the other 95% of users on this site.

Guess what, sparky. When I opened this, my only N4G account, and called you out on some crap you were spreading, I got an email from the mods telling me to stop using multiple accounts. Being this is my only account, you have the option to reply to the message and let the mods know they sent it in error. I did because they sent it in error at your behalf and guess what? I'm still here and I'm guessing your screams of "Dupe Account!" pretty much fall on deaf ears now.

The mods are more than welcome to check my posting history, and IP, which I'm sure they did. As for my posting history, hey! Everyone is free to look at my posting history and make up their own minds. I've defended DR66 a couple of times because the guy always seems to have a valid point but only one bubble and dudes jump all over him even when he's 100% correct. I've been on your case a couple of times too, because I see you doing the exact opposite - all the time. It's like you have some sickness that inhibits you from doing anything but spin anti-sony crap. I think I have yet to see you actually talk about games. The other 80% of my posts thus far have nothing to do with either of you. Just look at my posting history.
It's nice that a new user can come on this site to talk about games and the industry and expect to be harassed right out of the gate. Actually, it's been a good forum so far as far as the back and forth I've had with some gamers. A shame that there's always someone lurking in the background like you that always wants to poison the conversation. It's nice that you've only got the one bubble though. I imagine it'd be much worse if you were allowed to go on on. I'd put you on ignore, but it's just too damn much fun watching you get worked up over nothing.

And if you call 2 million consoles off for almost a year "surprisingly accurate in the long run" I sure as hell you don't work with numbers for a living.

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pwnd_of_lol2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

lol omega is awesome XD

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