5 Reasons TO Buy, and NOT to Buy the Sony Move

StrengthGamer: Ryan and Robert of list their 5 reasons why you should, or shouldn't, buy the Sony Playstation Move.

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Urmomlol2886d ago

Jesus, you guys honestly write some of the worst articles on this site.

A.) It's been done before
B.) You guys clearly haven't played the Move
C.) This is flame bait

morganfell2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Agreed. They are the plain white toast of nameless blogging. Tasteless, forgettable, and you can't choke it down without something to wash away the cardboard generic essence. I would rather eat a shoebox of dusty 5 year old cotton.

And there is something about a person that runs their own site, writes the articles, and then submits their own articles. Talk about starved for attention. And then speaking of themselves in the 3rd person, "Ryan and Robert of..." Blah blah blah, just weird. Wait, Ryan and Robert. What are they trying to really tell us...

BeOneWithTheGun2886d ago

I am not a fan of motion controls, anyway, but this article is flamebait and chalked full of ridiculousness. Marked as "Lame".

Windex2886d ago

Cause he knows no one will submit his crappy article.

Bigpappy2886d ago

But that article make a lot of sense. I predicted the same thing with "Move and FPS made with DS3 in mind" earlier. It will wear you out and you will end up going back to the DS3. RTS and sports games are a diferent story. Move will stay around, but it would not be because of FPS.

Army_of_Darkness2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

I'm sure best buy/ future shop will bundle a sony bravia 120hz hdtv surround and a ps3 including move with it when christmas season hit!:D
gonna kill 2 birds with one stone baby yeah!

Windex2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

what do u mean "predicted"

its not like ur fanboy opinion came true. as matter of fact, you turned out to be dead wrong.

Move line up is pretty strong. stronger than Kinect no doubt.

just because it has option to do what DS3 can do, it doesnt mean its bad thing.

Cause Move has Move only games and Move and DS3 games.

same cant be said about Kinect

morganfell2886d ago

I understand what Bigpappy is saying. Some people will go back to the DS3. But I think many will choose on not only a game by game basis but also mood by mood basis.

I personally really like the thing and the accuracy is just so stunning. There are some things that have me shaking my head over what they have done. When I am dueling in Sports Champions if swing hard, and I mean swing violently like a maniac it actually makes a difference in the damage from the blow.

Did I say swing hard? I mean stupid crazy hard. I work out, swim, bike, climb, and am a Kravist that also practices Eishin Ryu Iaido but I was swinging so hard the next day I was feeling it. It actually is picked up, measured, and matters in the game.

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gta_manic2886d ago

Main neg points were Price,Support,Control scheme, Comfort and the history of motion control. Really digging to try to find something bad to say about the move.

cliffbo2886d ago

not again! once Sony restock now MOVE has sold out, it'll sell out again.

LeeRoyJenkins2886d ago

I'll sell mine. I am super disappointed in Move. I think it was my biggest waste of money on gaming this year, aside from Heavy Rain.

BYE2886d ago

I'm super dissapointed with your trolling attempt.

rdgneoz32886d ago

@Ceekay What do you expect from a 360 troll? Their attempts at trolling keep getting sadder and sadder.

As for the article, the "Uncomfortable" part was dumb. You don't have to hold your arm straight in the air for as long as you play. I was playing R.U.S.E. for several hours and resting my elbow against my leg as I played. As for the "fatigue" and "shoulder soreness", do some exercises and get in shape.

weazel2886d ago

So you bought a PS3 and move, and had high expectations for them? Yeah, course you did..
The only selling you'll be doing is your ass to Russian sailors on shore leave.

gta_manic2886d ago

but still a sad trolling attempt from a sad troll.

saint_seya2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

lol, looking to yout other commnets.. its easy to c the big troll you are.. i guess youre disappointed cause you though that u could use it for some other kind of game... and when u realized that the glowing ball wasnt big enough and u didnt had a ps3 u felt bad ....

moparful992886d ago

Based on leroy's avatar he probably gorged himself on fried chicken and cant roll his butt off the couch to actually use move.. He's 4 one of those people that has everything within reach of his bed....

WharenPeace2886d ago

Sir, We would like to inform you that your obvious trolling attempts are responsible for the unfortunate deaths of kittens, ponies and cute little bunnies. Next time, try to at least disguise your rampant fanboism, with a few weasel words.

SillySundae2885d ago (Edited 2885d ago )

Why would you even buy MOVE if you're a 360 fanboy, who probably don;t have a PS3?
Obvious Lie and troll.
Stop trying too hard coz insecurities show.

============================= ============================== = ==
Tag his comments when he trolls so it becomes hidden.
============================= ============================== = ===

He is obviously a 360 fanboy. Here were some of his comments on other non-move articles. (WHICH SHOWS HIS TRUE COLORS)

<About a DUoDecim article>
"Is this on Xbox 360, if not GTFO"

<About Quantum Theory>
"Nothing can top Gears of War franchise, and let's remember it's only Xbox 360...Jump In!"

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2886d ago
sdtarm2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

"Feel like I've been here before

Ever had a conversation
That you realize you've had before
Isn't it strange? "

stephmhishot2886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

So its priced to sell but its too expensive?

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