Halo Reach DLC codes selling at high prices

The DLC codes that came with Halo Reach are selling at high prices on auction web sites like eBay.

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-Mezzo-2922d ago

Nah, the whole DLC idea sucks anyway. but the world is filled with stupid people and some of them will definitely pay that high of a price for a DLC.

craddock2922d ago

How is there already DLC for this game? It came out less then a week.. it should've been included in the game. I guess Bungie is just another one of those greedy devs, makes sense why they're joining activision.

002922d ago

you obviously didn't read the article, not surprising really.

Eiffel2922d ago

Um, Pre-Order DLC? It exists you know.

kndy2922d ago

bungie has full control over their next ip for the next 10 years, in other words, it is completely activision proof. bungie would be crazy NOT to take that deal.

Gago2922d ago

there are only a few hundred of the flaming helmet dlc

so it makes sense there is a high demand

DirtyLary2922d ago

DLC and pre-orders are always a win.

Check this out. Got my copy at Best Buy. $20.00 Giftcard and $10.00 coupon in rewards for pre-ordering.

Went to the midight release and got a balloon energy sword and beanie.
Sold both on Ebay for $20.00 bucks. Next day I sold my Recon code for another $17.00

Win win all around. Reach for free.

divideby02922d ago

havent used my code yet....

Eiffel2922d ago

How much you want for it? lol.

kaveti66162922d ago

Yes, please. Get the flame helmet and make sure to have it on during sniper matches. It will give you an excellent advantage. /s

dcswords2922d ago

Work in smyths toys myself, got shit load left of them, cause nobody is buyin the thing, gas

The Lazy One2922d ago

damn... wish I wouldn't have used mine.

PS3-2472922d ago

I think this is stupid. Paying all that money for DLC.

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