Kingdom Hearts 3D Is The Next Project

Many have disappointed that Square Enix announced Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix at the Tokyo Game Show 2010, which they expected something like Kingdom Hearts 3D or Kingdom Hearts III.....

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Brewski0072831d ago

Its about damn time!!! Cant wait to hear more !

WhatARump2831d ago

Kingdom Hearts 3 for PS3 :D
if it's true, that's my game of this gen :D

Brklynty12831d ago

Come SE just bring out KH3 ALREADY plz!!!!

PshycoNinja2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

SE says that the game takes place AFTER Coded. Coded is AFTER KH2. Which makes me believe that this is just another spin-off to please Nintendo for one more game.

Edit: NVM I think I read it wrong. I think he means the game will come out after Re:Coded.

Muletroid2831d ago

a remake of KH1?

when where you able to play as riku in kh1? for that matter since when where there nobodies in kh1?
that would completely destroy all relevance to the story we have now

fatstarr2831d ago

i really dont get it
you can play kingdom hearts 1 like 4 different ways now its a little bit much
they need to just come out with 3
but add another game to the list... im pushing back 3 to 2013.

Dragun6192831d ago

Square Enix should just release a Kingdom Hearts Collection with 3D Support and Trophies.

Nitrowolf22831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

i hope it isn't for handheld

we need a new console KH game, not handheld

jwk942831d ago

It's going to be for the 3ds

Baka-akaB2831d ago

doesnt mean its kH3 per se , but who didnt see coming two new handheld KH at least for both sony and nintendo ?

Nitrowolf22831d ago

that is what i am hoping for that it is just an idication of a 3D kingdom hearts rather then 3

SuMtOnE2831d ago

AGREED!!! and no more spinoff

spektical2831d ago (Edited 2831d ago )

no more spin offs please.. birth by sleep has been the best (spin off), but we need to go to KH3 pronto.

PshycoNinja2831d ago

during development it was known as KH0. The game is supposed to set up the story and gameplay for Kingdom Hearts III.

However I agree, there is no reason for this 3DS spin-off. We do need Nomuras team to start working on Kingdom Hearts III and release it before Sony announces the next PlayStation. I want to play KH3 on my PS3!

Brklynty12831d ago

Its a prequel to the entire series. Everything in BBS happened before KH1, so yes for like 10 years aqua has been trapped in the realm of darkness(or whatever its called) which is strange because shes seen in the secret ending and she looks no different than the day she went there. Soras next mission is to help all 3 of them.

EYEamNUMBER12831d ago

you can't say the others are spin offs and exclude BBS seeing as how all of the spin off games have been prequels heck 1 of the spin offs (chain of memories) was technically a sequel

Cheeseknight282831d ago

Nice spoilers. Now I remember why I avoid comments on N4G for games I just bought.

Motorola2831d ago

I wanna know what was on that note that Sora was reading >:C

PshycoNinja2831d ago

on youtube:

And in the secret ending in Birth by Sleep Sora gives his answer about the letter. Coded and Birth by Sleep tie in together pretty well. 358/2.......... that's a different story.

Hazmat132831d ago

so this is the 3rd in the series of KH???

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