TimeShift - Sierra Gamer's Day 07 Gameplay Footage and In-Depth Interview presents four gameplay videos of TimeShift and an in-depth interview with lead designer Kyle Peschel, who gives us the lowdown on multiplayer, what happens with time grenade Venn diagrams, and how to kill your camper friends.

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solidt124131d ago (Edited 4131d ago )

WTF!, at least in HAZE when they take the gun from the enemy they actually show you taking the gun. This game is on some old school Metal Gear Rations sh!t. It just looks lazy and since it is not coming out on the PS3 the same day as the 360 version PS3 owners I wouldn't even bother. Enjoy HAZE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ares844131d ago

I will never buy this game!! It/s a bad bad game!! So boring I almost killed myself just watching it!