5 new things that we want in Sports Champions

Badass Panda: Sports Champions is great and all, but it could be greaterer.

Now we haven’t reviewed Sports Champions yet, in fact, we haven’t even reviewed Move. Why? Because we’ve been playing with it!

Sports Champions is a great game, a definite 8/10 and easily one of the best Move launch games. But it could be better. Zindagi Games, the developers, could do a few more extra things which could bump the score up a notch, and we think we know exactly what needs to be done.

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MultiConsoleGamer2885d ago

It is a great title that really shows off the unique strengths of the Move.

With that said, it does feel VERY light on content.

LeeRoyJenkins2885d ago

One thing I want it to do is work. Aside from being a crap game that was basically 1st party shovelcrap. Not worthy of even the Playstation 2. And certainly not worth the 100 price tag that comes with the piece of crap eye toy kiddie camera and one stinking move controller. I am VERY dissapointed in my purchase of PS Move if you couldn't tell.

Big Waste of Money..Really gimmicky, and I probably won't be playing much with it considering There's not much else to play unless I want to either spend more money on more controllers or just wait it out. Anyone want to buy a MOVE I take Paypal. 90$ for the bundle.

TheOldOne2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

On Topic: Add online game play, thats all.

Edit: Actually, I like the idea about adding the characters and environments from other PS3 games.

8-bit2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

LeeRoyJenkins doesn't even have Sports Champions or else he wouldn't have said it doesn't work. It works brilliantly, it is a bit of a casual game but it is a great tech demo of how well the move controller tracks you in 3d space.

AtatakaiSamurai2884d ago

i thought it was going to be some tacked on thingy for move launch but it was a big surprise how this title is actually really really good.

the game is like a sleeper hit amoung move owners. sony might do a seqeul to it with more robust features and support like online if it really does as well as i think it will do.

very fun and it almost perfect for me cause i don't feel like i have to dumb it down when i'm playing with other family that are extreme casuals like i do on the wii.

i can enjoy it just as well as core gamer. i like this a lot.

Cerberus21252884d ago

Don't listen to LeeRoyJenkins he is a troll,a 360 panties sniffer,always trolls PS3s articles.

amiga-man2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

LeeRoyjenkins you were on another thread( which your comment has been banned for trolling) where you say the same sort of thing , but in which you say you have already traded your Move back in.
What did you do go out and buy another one? Grow up already the Move controller is proving its worth which is more than i can say about your comments.
I might add i have Move and am loving disc golf and bocca, table tennis i need more practice lol.

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Christopher2884d ago

They should allow you to use your Home avatar in the game, IMHO.

mattiebo1232884d ago

good idea, but i'm not sure it would work.

Home's character graphics are a bit different to the ones in Sports Champions. Which would mean that to use your Home character, they would need to be re-made to suit Sports Champions.

This wouldn't be so difficult if Home wasn't updated with new clothes practically every week. Plus, some outfits, such as the Monty Python black knight costume (with no arms) would look silly.

It would be nice, but would simply take too much work.

Christopher2884d ago

They could simply use an exporter app feature from home to create the necessary texture files for use in Sports Champions. You'd go in, modify your Home avatar, then have an option to export it for use in other games which would be stored on your HDD. They're both Sony IPs, so there's no problem with them doing that.

ChozenWoan2884d ago

+1 for brilliance.

It would also be nice if Home got Move support. Then we could really jam at parties with all the Homeyz. =)

Delive2884d ago

I don't like the home Avatars. I set one up and took a while to customize it and got nowhere near my look. Also, they are emotionless. I really wish that was taken back to the drawing board, give some life and personality to the home avatars please. Then, use them in other games. Not knocking your idea, just sharing my opinion.

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Soldierone2885d ago

Add online and im happy....what game like this doesn't have online? Kinda dumb.

jerethdagryphon2885d ago

online and id love 2 swordy action :) who needs a shield

Solid_Snakeps32884d ago

can we have like Snake(Solid or Old) and Grey Fox skins? pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?

mattiebo1232884d ago

Old Snake would fit right in playing bocce :P

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