GamerVision: UFC Undisputed 2010 Review

GamerVision: There are few sports I enjoy more than MMA. I was thrilled when the UFC finally got a competently made video game from THQ. Like any video game, UFC Undisputed isn’t without its flaws, but it’s the closest thing to an actual simulation of the sport fans can get. Though the console version of the title came out some four months ago, a portable version of UFC Undisputed 2010 for the PSP was only recently released. While handheld ports don’t typically come as feature-packed as their console brethren, UFC 2010 on the PSP matches the 360 and PS3 version game mode for game mode. Unfortunately, the controls on the PSP don’t do the martial arts in UFC 2010 any justice, and the game, and your fingers, ends up suffering as a result.

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