The PlayStation 3's Web Browser Scoops PlayStation Move Pointer Support

PushSquare: "The PlayStation 3's web browser is a mess. A functional mess. We're still awaiting the inevitable Google Chrome announcement from Sony HQ, but until then, we'll continue struggling through the proprietary browser's broken pages because at least it's quicker than booting up Windows, right?"


Story is erroneous. It has been removed. Apologies for the error.

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himdeel2856d ago

...I never know when the browser will crash. I only use it now to check N4G front page and pandora sometimes.

headwing452856d ago

After 3.50 you can't access other accounts, like if you livbe in the US and you have a UK or japanese account, you cant go in the store

ryuzu2856d ago

The PSN is down in some places at the moment - sure it wasn't something to do with that?


vegetassj512856d ago

that the psn is going through, cuz it won't let me go in to the US store and im from the US

bostoner2856d ago

If they did that that sucks. I share with My UK PSN plus buddy and I heard they get the new castlevania demo early. I kinda wanted to grab that... not to mention all the other stuff they roll out over there.

headwing452856d ago

Yeah I just realized that it's doing that on all accounts, even on my main account. Most probably the maintanence.

jebabcock2856d ago

I would love to see a tie in to google tv/android with access to the marketplace and use of those apps... although I doubt that would happen because it would pull people from buying the minis and other types of games off the psn..

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bostoner2856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

Well it didn't work last night after I downloaded the patch... But PSN is in maintenance now so hopefully it works when it comes back online at 8pm eastern. It will make online flash shooter games finally playable from the PS3 browser. Trying to shoot the enemies popping out with the right stick is impossibly hard.

edit: well its back up now in the US... i dont know about the store but The move pointer still doesn't work.... Maybe there's a setting I'm missing or something. Any help would be appreciated.

mandf2856d ago

hold the trigger button then and move the cursor

bostoner2856d ago

Yea I know that much.... but that's not really a pointer now is it.

garos822856d ago

yeah got the same problem with me.
but it was the same before the update.

MGRogue20172856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

... I was kinda hoping the next PS3 firmware would fix up the browser in terms of speed, useability.. a overhaul.. & maybe, just maybe add Flash Player 10 support.

But.. We just received that today &.. well..

You get the idea. -.-

Matthew942856d ago (Edited 2856d ago )

chrome would be absolutely epic, syncing bookmarks from pc to ps3 would be even more awesome

pixelsword2856d ago

The story is erroneous; didn't they get a move controller out and check it themselves before posting, or at least ask someone in another area to verify?


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The story is too old to be commented.