TGS Interviews: Yamauchi Talks Standard Cars, Damage, GT6 & More

GTPlanet: "The first batch of Kazunori Yamauchi interviews are finally getting published from last week’s Tokyo Game Show 2010! Here’s a translated transcript of GameBlog’s video interview."

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PirateThom2925d ago

Even numbered Gran Turismos are the best Gran Turismos.

solidjun52925d ago

They're all great. But I loved GT3:A Spec. Just loved it.

PirateThom2925d ago

I love it too, but GT4 was kind of like "GT3 Ultimate Edition".

GT3 was definitely the bigger impact though, GT4 probably would have been bigger if they'd stuck to their plans of including online in it.

yewles12925d ago

PD just couldn't perfect it. Remember what happened to GT4 Online in Japan, and let's not pretend how GT5P's online started out...

sikbeta2925d ago

Talking about GT6 already Yamuachi-san? damn, I can't even think how Amazing it'll be....

solidjun52925d ago

True, GT4 did further refine GT3. You have a point on the impact of GT3. I just couldn't put it down. I believe it's going to be like that for GT5. Hence, the reason why I'm willing to spend the money on that wheel I saw on

It's just that big to me. I wish the game was released over the summer though. Working and schooling is hard when you have a game of this magnitude released. :-/

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number472925d ago

“It was only when I launched the IS F over the Nurburgring’s numerous jumping spots (in the real race) that I realized the landing areas were not all flat, as I originally thought in the game,” [Yamauchi] says. “Some landing patches are sloped to the left, some to the right. This is just one of the many challenges of the track, and amendments I will make to the game. As I pushed the car around the 15.5-mile track, I also realized that some details were different. Some trees which drivers use for cornering or braking markers were not quite in the right place, while some small buildings need to be adjusted too.”

Prcko2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

Moreover, and we have mentioned before, we may have gone too far into detail on PS3. What we have done is perhaps more appropriate for a future console.

Parapraxis2925d ago

Man GTPlanet sucks, look at the question! Seriously, these guys start misconceptions then actually get an interview and don't clear them up.

PirateThom2925d ago

This isn't a GTP interview...

Parapraxis2925d ago

Ah, oh well, GTPlanet still sucks.

iPad2925d ago

Gran Turismo 5 is gonna be Gran Turismo 3 all over again.... 10 times better.

number472925d ago

He already said GT5's engine was created from the ground up for the series.

nm whats the point

SWORDF1SH2925d ago

Never try to reason with a troll. I've tried a number of times. They don't relate to facts like they built an entirely new engine and Kaz stated himself that GT6 will be made in a much smaller time frame than GT5. I'd say 2 years. GT5 will keep me bus up until then.

And another thing, GT psp and GTprologue were released in those five years aswell. I don't understand why people want a sequel every year which is usually just a little bit shinier.

No wonder Activision is thrieving.

GamerSciz2925d ago

Sequel every year?? One game comes to mind that hasn't changed all that much in a good 5 years. Madden anyone...?

But yea I have a feeling GT6 will have nothing but "premium" type cars, maybe even less cars if it's still on the ps3 but still over "500" premium cars with full cockpit/interior and customization and full on damage and who knows, maybe the Porsche license although RUF works just fine for me.

SWORDF1SH2924d ago

What about COD, FIFA (and most sport games), Crackdown, Need for Speed, F1, Skate, Tony Hawks etc. Granted that these games probably are making improvments but they are baby step improvements every year and people lap up most of them with any issue. But when a developer takes time to give you one awesome mega value package, people (mostly fanboys of apposing sides) use that against them when all developers should have the same attitude instead of the quick buck yearly updates.

TheHardware2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

It will still be King of all Racing/Driving games

and I think I speak for everyone else here when i say

We will all be here

Ares84PS32924d ago

I didn't know this will go down so bad.

What I meant is that GT5 took 5years to make and kept pushing back all the time.

I didn't mean GT6 will come exactly in 2020. What I meant by this is it will probably take longer to make knowing him because he want's everything to be perfect.

I expect GT6 to come on PS4 but who far it was 2 GT games /console lifecycle but this time around games take longer to make so.

Didn't mean to troll or anything, what I said just got misunderstud. That's all.

Also...just notice the PS3 in my name....yeah that should tell you something.

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