The Bourne Conspiracy - Sierra Gamer's Week 07 Gameplay Montage

Play as Jason Bourne hunting targets around the world in search of your true identity.

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solidt123926d ago

The game looks fun as hell.

Crazyglues3926d ago (Edited 3926d ago )

yeah, and it looks a lot better then I ever thought it was going to be...

deepio3926d ago

I hope the developers make it as fun to play as it is to watch! If so, we'll be onto a winner!

Bill Gates I Am3926d ago

I wasn't even going to get this because from what I saw originally it looked, well, crap.

But hell yeah, I'm definitely buying it now.

mariusmal3926d ago

nothing new except the camera work. i loved the movement.

Douche3926d ago

When the video began it seemed like a little CGI clip of the game's close combat but then Bourne started running and you could tell it was ingame. That's when I went HOLY $HIT. I literally jumped in my seat when he took off running. That was pretty impressive. It looks like they are working with physics a lot. I couldn't tell if the destructable environment was predetermined or if it was dynamic. When he shot the boxes, they broke beautifully but after a few shots they just blew away. I definately want to see more of this.

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