TGV: Metroid: Other M review

Kyle at The Gaming Vault reviews Nintendo's latest foray into the world of Metroid and Samus Aran's adventures, Metroid: Other M.

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Sidology2883d ago

I really did think the game was solid. Not trying to pander to anyone or a certain crowd, but I think that Samus speaking is one of the more intriguing aspects of the game and I enjoyed finding out about her character.

N4GAddict2883d ago

I like the action but not the story.

lolzers2883d ago

I like the action, and the story.

Sidology2883d ago

The story had its shortcomings. Really, I think the story completed its aim — it gave Samus familiar grounds to tread to finally give insight to the players about her thoughts.

Without the familiar feel to it, it would've been difficult to give Samus a voice and reminisce about what had happened in previous Metroid games.

Trroy2883d ago

I agree with this review. Okay game. Not great, but solid.

eggbert2883d ago

Where you were losing health from the heat, but weren't allowed to use the suit's powers because we were told not to use them.

Sidology2883d ago

It was the damned FIRST TIME EVER that you couldn't get the Varia Suit before going into the lava level. Fuckin' Adam.

Invader_Quirk2883d ago

It's no dumber than finding a heat-resistant suit lying around.

ChickeyCantor2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

Lets be fair.
Lets take Adam out and say the power up was given at the point where you meet up the boss.

How is this any different?
The only reason Adam was giving these lame restrictions is because its...Well a bad design choice( gameplaywise) other than that it was trying to put emphasis on how much his respects means to her( again this is a FLAW a poorly made design choice). Adam is used as a Gimmick here.
Its a game for crying out loud, its trying to give you some classical challenge.

I completely understand the controversy over this, but people who keep hammering about it seriously need to STFU.
It at least gave you something a GAME would do.

Noooo you beat me to it xD

Sidology2883d ago

I made sure to mention this in my review that while it seemed a reasonable explanation to how Samus would acquire her powers as you progress throughout the game, it just felt totally un-Metroid.

Of course, it'd be even harder to say, "Hey look, Ancient Chozo Artifacts on this Galactic Federation ship."

Mahr2883d ago

"Of course, it'd be even harder to say, "Hey look, Ancient Chozo Artifacts on this Galactic Federation ship."

I am more or less indifferent to the authorization system, but I do not believe that that would be at all hard to say. 'While we were cloning Metroids and the Space Pirates and it turns out Ridley and all the native fauna of Zebes (including at least one *ghost*) off of the slime we wiped off Samus's armor while she was in a coma, we also scanned and recreated her tools and weapons to better handle our specimens.'

ChickeyCantor2883d ago

", it just felt totally un-Metroid. "

What is it with people and "knowing" metroid.
The Metroid series F'd you many times like this.

Titanz2883d ago

You play the game using "4 buttons" for gosh sakes!(FYI, the game definitely deserves an 8.5-9.0 score).

fortherecord2883d ago

Not my favorite game of the series but is seriously near the top of the list.

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