IGN: Play StarCraft II in 3D

A patch released by Blizzard today brings 3D support to StarCraft II, meaning now those banshees will totally pop off the screen. The patch, the first major one since StarCraft II's release in July, also brings some changes to the game's all-important balance.

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Ja555on2800d ago

But who has 3D computers anyway?

Pandamobile2800d ago

More people than have 3D TV's, that's for sure.

hoops2800d ago

More people buying those $2000+ 3D TV sets. PC has been doing 3D gaming for the past 3 years now...and in HD and at 60fps at 1080p.

snp2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

That would actually be an interesting question... I suspect there's already more 3dtv's in homes than there are Nvidia 3d Vision kits. In the first couple of months of introduction Samsung alone was boasting figures in excess of 300k...

Though there's probably less PS3/3dtv setups out there than there are 3d pc monitors and Nvidia 3d vision kits (as far as the gaming angle).

CombatEvolving2800d ago

But..but..PS3 is leading the way with 3D and Bluray gaming.

Blaine2800d ago

Nobody here mentioned PS3. Funny how it's the people who hate the console who talk about it the most...

lolzers2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Nevermind, what's the point.

Baka-akaB2800d ago

you guys release i have no trouble playing it on a 3dtv ?

And get on with the program , you get awesome 46" set from samsung and a few others at 1200$ tops

Pandamobile2800d ago

Bullshit. The cheapest 3D TV at Bestbuy is 40" and $2,200.

Sitris2800d ago

So, idk where you got 1200 from, cause I want one!

snp2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Actually cheapest 3d in Australia is about $2500 Aus RRP (Samsung 50" Plasma). But it can be had with a bit of bartering (or buying online) for ~$1900-$2000, and if you spot onto the odd deal for even cheaper - eg. (i've seen a few deals for it at this type price, give or take $100).

Baka-akaB2800d ago

Bullshit ? even amazon have them at 1266 dollars

and other samsung 46" 3dtv between that and 1400

snp2800d ago (Edited 2800d ago )

Scratches head at disagree... Care to elaborate, whoever that was? The Samsung 50" Plasma 'isn't' the cheapest 3dtv in Australia (and if so, which one would you point to?), or are you saying $1700-2000 (Aus) isn't substantially cheaper than Sitris's assertion that the cheapest 3dtv, in the Australian context, is 'around 3k' (Aus)?

It's somewhat perplexing when people 'disagree' with plain facts (perhaps someone is just being goofy?). Unless it was a disagree from an illiterate maybe who misunderstood what he/she read (or, what should have been obvious from context/content - ie that the post was a refutation of the post sitting directly above it : 2.5.2)?

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lolzers2800d ago

It's been done on pc for years.

Blaine2800d ago

Never thought of a top-down 3D game before, must be a cool perspective.

Letros2800d ago

I always wanted to play World in Conflict in 3D because of the air units, should be cool for SC2 as well, ATI claims they will have a 3D solution before the end of the year...until then...2D for me.