Grand Theft Auto 5: What We Want to See

While they don’t yet have an idea of what Rockstar’s got up its sleeve, there are a few things that the last game left GamesRadar wanting. Things that, after careful consideration, they’re convinced the franchise needs.

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dangert122919d ago

GT5 - Vice city 2
-) i'd be happy

ShabbaRanks2919d ago


theKiller2919d ago

i want it to be PS3 exclusive or time exclusive or at least to u the full potential of PS3 power and blue ray tech!!!

other than that i am not interested in the game!!

metsgaming2919d ago

yes if they also went back to the old controls, old star system, made the game fun again etc. But being in vice city should be the first step...

erathaol2919d ago

James "Jimmy" Hopkins as the protagonist in GTA 5

...or maybe even a female main character.

ATi_Elite2919d ago

All in favor of San Andreas 2 say I


there it is the I's have it.

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Rrobba2919d ago

I want it to be more of a San Andreas style game. That game was AWESOME.

hennessey862919d ago

why would rockstar want to lose millions in sales ny just releasing it on ps3 it would be stupid. Whats even more stupid is the fact you want it to be exclusive so you can come on n4g and talk shit to 360 fans you really do need to wake up. I imagine rockstar games are spending a fortune developing this game and i expect them to want it to make alot of money and just releasing on one console aint going to cut it

MGRogue20172919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

Rockstar Games are definately up to something.. if not, Then what the hell have they been doing for 2-3 years now since GTA IV was released??

Plus, They obviously know that GTA sells.. it prints money for 'em, who doesn't know that? come on! xD

Yeah, see? ... GTA V is being made behind-the-scenes.

'Nuff said. :D

Brewski0072919d ago

You might want to realise that Rockstar had a TINY little title out called RED DEAD REDEMPTION.....^^

Gilliand2919d ago

That was Rockstar red wood (I think) The GTA guys are North.

But isn't North working on Agent?

Hellsvacancy2919d ago

Agent, thats what theyve been doin

Faztkiller2919d ago (Edited 2919d ago )

I agree mostly but I think the vehicle handling and physics are fine and one of the few things about GTA 4 that I loved

n to the b2919d ago

agreed. my fave was the sultan rs! cool shifting sound (pneumatic?) + killer speed but hard to handle. fun!

MadMan002919d ago

I'd like a Dark Age type of game from Rockstar first...GTA gets old quick now.

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The story is too old to be commented.