Pokemon Black and White’s Japanese sales data, Top 5 openers in Japan, and rumored 3DS price

"Paul Gale Network shares how well Pokemon Black and White did in Japan during their first two days of availability, as well as reveals the Top 5 best "openers" in Japan's history. Finally, the article includes a new rumor for how much the 3DS might cost in Japan."

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John007guy2924d ago

Sell 'em sell 'em gotta sell 'em all, gotta sell 'em all Pokemon!

JeromeRichfield2924d ago

interesting bit about the 3ds price. i wonder if it'll be true?

GuruStarr782924d ago

I think it's right on the money.....$250 might sound pricey, but it's a new nintendo handheld with some cool capabilities.....they could charge $300 and it would still sell out, whether we agree or not.....

If it launches before xmas and sells out, they will be going for $400 on the secondary market (ebay, amazon, etc.) guaranteed....

AzadFujishima2924d ago

A scalper's dream no doubt.

RobinGB2924d ago

What does the yen translate to? Also does anyone know if Nintendo has said yet whether it not the 3DS will be region free like the DS Lite or have lockout like DSi? Thx.

makult2924d ago

This holiday will rule.

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