The Hidden Kinect Requirement: Mixing Motion Controls and HD Visuals

Bitmob: High-definition motion controllers bring new possibilities, and with them, a new set of problems. You'll find plenty of discussion online about the space requirements for Kinect -- a subject many gamers already broached with the Wii. What you won't find is discussion of a brand-new, more nuanced problem specific to this forthcoming high-def hardware: your vision.

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Trroy2925d ago (Edited 2925d ago )

There are two things (two major things) wrong with this analysis:

(A) Most HD games are 720p, not 1080p. You don't need to meet the 1080p THX requirement distance for a 720p game, for visual maximum enjoyment -- you can be further away, you *should* be further away, to a distance where you just barely cannot make out the larger 720p pixels.

(B) HD consoles aren't just a resolution advantage over the Wii -- they have memory and perhaps more importantly, CPU/GPU horsepower and programmable shader advantages over it as well. Making an image look more realistic is NOT merely about resolution. Far from, in fact. The Wii does not have the GPU horsepower, nor the memory, to make a 480p game look as good as the PS3 or 360 do, plain and simple. This is true from any distance -- the HD console games will ALWAYS look better, even in 480p. Much, much better.

Motion controls are better with HD, its not some kind of "wash", due to viewing distance requirements, as this article implies. Optimum viewing distance for resolution is such a minor part of the issue as to not even be worth discussing, IMO.

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dragonelite2924d ago

First wow your english makes me think your one of the few people too even trust on talking about graphics.

nycredude2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Jesus Dragonelite why so defensive? What does someone's language skills have to do with their knowledge of graphics.

You are so quick to defend your xbox 360 and Kinect it's comical. Face the facts bro Kinect is casual shit and is flawed, rushed tech.

I can't say I am surprised as this is MS and they have a certain track record when it comes to rushed products.

outrageous2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

@NyCre...your the kid being all defensive. The only thing " rushed " this gen is your beloved supercomputer and now the biggest rip off in gaming the Sony Wii Move hd. Kinect is patented tech, exclusive to M$.

On Topic...the article is pooh. Nobody is following those recommended viewing distances and he knows that. He's a fanboy trying to smear the mighty Kinect, acting like it's a problem while ignoring the PS3 that has the exact same His piece assumes to much and then builds a theory off of ands, ifs and buts. BTW...Devon, time for some new speck's and maybe a little bit of sun.

@jono...M$ didn't go the Sony route because they didn't want to be in last place and lose BILLIONS the last 4 years. Now going into it's 6th year, still ahead of the mighty Sony and really the only console worth owning this year and this holiday...ASSUMING you like the best games.

dragonelite2924d ago

If he knew a thing about graphics he should be able to speak and type at the very least some decent english. If i read his post it makes me believe he thinks that style is graphics but that's not how it works.

Just a good example some sites gave Kirby epic yarn best graphics E3 would you say a Wii games deserves a the graphics prize me no if it was a style price hell i can't argue with style because style is judged subjective.

Just like with Alan wake they could make it 720p with 4xMsaa but they have to sacrifice some pixelshaders effects to accomplish it or had the game delayed even more to optimize the code.

And yeah im such a fanboy that why i think God of war has the best image quality this gen because of it's mlaa implementation and LBP 2 can probably rival it last time i heard it had mlaa.

inbe4 massive agrees because i think ps 3 exclusive have the graphics crown till now and probably till next gen.

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tigertom532924d ago

Well if you need a big screen like that then I would go with projection and save tons of money... =o)

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