Special Operations Forces Members Discuss Medal of Honor

The newest Medal of Honor game will allow gamers to experience the war in Afghanistan from the perspective of “Tier-1” assets, as EA puts it. Tier-1 assets from a military standpoint are considered the “best of the best” in what the military has to offer, and games have long tried to show this off. From what we can glean so far, the campaign will tell the story from U.S. Special Forces and 75thRanger Regiment near the opening of the Global War on Terror.

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xYLeinen2924d ago

Excellent read.

So summarize the article a bit they basically don't got anything against Medal of Honor. Quite the opposite actually.

And one of the guys actually replied this: " No. I am more offended that people are in an uproar over this game but let their kids watch movies filmed with real people doing the same thing and not protesting that."
The question was " Does the subject material of this game offend you?"

Garrus_Vakarian2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Short answer: No. And it shouldn't.

BeOneWithTheGun2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Please read this one. (The comment section will still be here when you are done.)

This is a great read. Hearing from the mouths of legitimate soldiers who did this stuff for a living is great. It's exactly what I have been thinking about the uproar over the whole playing as the Taliban crap.

This is the main reason why I will play this over Modern Warfare Black Ops; how much thought and dedication went into the production to really make it feel real. Sure, the whole MW pay to play, milk milk milk, thing is a turn off but I am getting this one since it really seems like a well made, thought out and RESEARCHED game.

Cheers to all who serve. Our freedom comes from their blood shed.

Diamondwolf2924d ago

That's one thing I've always respected about the MoH series. The developers do some serious research on all of their games. They aren't cash ins, they are usually well put together and well though out stories/environments/details.

That is why I am putting this over CoD as well.

CobraKai2924d ago

I 100% agree. Sure the last few MOH games lost its focus, but this one has the dedication and commitment of the early games. I am completely annoyed by people who seemingly are offended at just the word "Taliban". To me what the devs did with this game isn't any different than with the early WWII MoH games.

ShadowJetX2924d ago

That should have been done the first time around. News outlets like cnn and fox make most of their money by playing off the negatives of anything anyone might no like (this anyone is a generalization of the mass public). The whole interview with the mother of deceased war veteran was merely a ploy to them to get the anyone and everyone they could on to "their side", but in the end it's a bit to make money. The mother how was interviewed really did mean what she said, but as long as it got the network big wigs money, they might as well not care at all. It's really to bad that stuff like this doesn't get the amount of attention all the really negative stuff does. They asked some great questions and got some great feed back too, but damn it's really to bad.

But I guess in the end, if you don't like the content of the game, then it's not for you and you might as well not buy it. Though a good part of the audience that plays these games are under 15, and who buys these games for them? If their parent's think they shouldn't play this game then that's to bad that they have to suffer (though, they should be suffering in the first place, it's not like they should be enabled to play these games anyway ya'know).

But this is just me rambling anyway, please don't take this seriously yeah.

Shackdaddy8362924d ago

Its funny how only citizens and high ranking military officials find this game offensive while the actual soldiers are offended at the people complaining.

Stupid civies...

Trroy2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Great article. I completely agree with the interviewees, particularly on the only actual beneficial effect this having on the Taliban, in giving them free press that they don't deserve -- via the controversy which is validating them, not the game itself.

rakunado2924d ago (Edited 2924d ago )

Terrific Article.

Nothing like using primary sources as voices rather than just making stuff up or making wide assumptions on what people "over there" think. Sadly... it happens a lot these days. This piece however... is journalism at its best.

Anti-Fanboyer2924d ago

"It’s just a game. Just like the other games with Nazis as the enemy or the Japanese, this will add “realism” to the game. It’s better than Dirka Dirka from Dirkastan."

Bathyj2924d ago


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