Hey Nintendo Is A Japanese Company, You Know

KOTAKU: The Japanese game industry is dead. This week has been a flashback of last year's Tokyo Game Show — complete with gloom and doom from Capcom's Keiji Inafune.

"I think Japanese gaming is dead," Inafune told the New York Times. "When I say these things, I'm called a traitor. But I love Japan. I want to save it."

But what is Japanese gaming and does it even need Keiji Inafune to save it?

Nintendo is very much a Japanese company. It still puts great importance on the needs of Japanese market. The company typically releases the same games it makes in Japan in the West. It focuses on the needs of local players, but those needs, it seems, are universal.

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dangert122926d ago

So is sony in that case.And sony have games were as mario is tired and 2bh im getting tired of him why can't they take with mario like they have zelda his being milked cheesed and grated this gen

Rrobba2926d ago

So is Sony...and yes...I already knew.

Mahr2926d ago

Nintendo might be Japanese, but considering they lost nearly a billion dollars this last quarter due to the exchange rate, their investors at the moment probably wish they weren't.