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"Duplicating the gameplay of the popular Warcraft 3 mod, Defence of the Ancients, Heroes of Newerth takes a fantastic formula and furthers it. Developed by the creators of Savage, S2 Games have included all the bells and whistles of a full retail release to make this budget-priced online-only game stand out against what’s currently on the market. Designed for the competitive gaming scene, Heroes of Newerth caters to the hardcore PC gamers with classic gameplay modeled exactly around DotA featuring many new heroes with a few new tricks up its sleeves."

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athmaus2884d ago

Looks like a pretty intersting game...might have to check this out when i get some free time

Ozarot2884d ago

I helped create Aeon of Strife, Defense of the Ancients and DotA: Allstars, so I feel obligated to at least try this game out at some point. I have been playing League of Legends a fair bit, so I don't really know if I have time for both. I guess I will just have to make time to try it.

Leupac2884d ago

Looks pretty good and with over 70 different characters it seems like it would have a lot of play time.

alee2884d ago

Interesting, though the steep learning curve is certainly a deterrent to getting into this.

tlarn2884d ago

I'll give it a shot; it's nice to play a DotA game when it's designed well!

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