EA's Medal of Honor Used as Taliban Recruiting Tool?

There's been a boatload of controversy surrounding EA's pending Medal of Honor reboot. The game's multiplayer mode will enable gamers to take the side of the Taliban if they choose and fight against U.S. military. EA CEO John Riccitiello has blamed the media for making a bigger deal out of this situation than it really is, but GameStop won't be selling Medal of Honor at any stores located on military bases because of the game's sensitive subject matter.

That's all well and good, but IndustryGamers has just heard from one of the members of the military's Special Operations Forces (the very group depicted in EA's game) and this person going by the name of "Justin" was a bit concerned that the Taliban could use Medal of Honor to its advantage.

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MGRogue20172805d ago (Edited 2805d ago )

No... Just no. -.-

It's a video game.

omi25p2805d ago

My God People Are So Stupid

donniebaseball2805d ago

It may be a 'stupid' opinion but it comes from someone who's actually in the real life conflict, one of the Special Ops members (the same group depicted in the MoH game) so it's interesting to hear someone with that perspective say something like this

omi25p2804d ago

its a stupid opinion because he thinks a game is going to make people sign up to be in the taliban, the fact he is in the army means nothing when he says somthing like this