Activision’s Graham Hagmaier on rebooting Goldeneye

"We had a brief chat with Activision producer Gragam Hagmaier on what to look forward to with both the Wii and DS remakes of 007 Goldeneye."

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athmaus2925d ago

THis is very intersting...i love the origional...hope this one is just as good

rezznik2925d ago

Can't wait for the remake!

Mustikka2925d ago

I really hope that they are good!

Ozarot2925d ago

I am quite interested in this. The only FPS better than Goldeneye for N64 was Perfect Dark, and that was only for multiplayer!

alee2925d ago

Still seems kind of strange doing a remake of a movie-based game, so the new game isn't really based on a movie. It'll be interesting to see how this comes out.

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