20° Enslaved Demo Impressions

Enslaved is the new action-platformer from Ninja Theory coming out early next month. Ninja Theory is best known at this point for their PS3 exclusive, Heavenly Sword, back in 2007. Heavenly Sword impressed critics, in spite of supposedly depressed sales, and now their new title, Enslaved, is shaping up to be another big hit for the company. A demo was released earlier today, and we at Exsturminator were excited to finally sit down and see how the much anticipated title handled. We’ll let you know now, we were not disappointed.

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DarthMoose2921d ago

I loved the demo, I thought it just looked beautiful and loved playing as monkey, its very simliar to uncharted platforming wise, but for me that a good thing, been waiting for an epic game since uncharted 2, playing the demo meet me feel like it was the start of an emotional journey with these characters, alotta people are bashing this game , but I fell in love with the demo, can friggin wait to play the full game

albel_nox2921d ago

I was very impressed with Enslaved's demo. My expectations were already high but the demo raised it even higher.