Blade Kitten Review (RunDLC)

Blade Kitten comes to us from Krome Studios, the talented developer behind Ty the Tasmanian Tiger. It’s a wonderful side-scrolling action game starring a half human, half feline bounty hunter named Kit Ballard, who uses her floating sword and death defying acrobatics to defeat a variety of evildoers. Controls take some getting used to, but once you conquer the learning curve, you’ll have a blast chopping up bad guys and snagging loot.

John Artest (RunDLC)

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HelghastKid2709d ago

Sounds fun, cant wait to try it. Shame psn is down right now :/

Buff10442708d ago

True...I made sure to stay up super late last night to snag it....and a bunch of demos!

room4142708d ago

the demo is actually really good...i was suprised

Neko_Mega2708d ago

Demo was fun, only going to buy it.

Wow someone doesn't have a life, everyone got a disagree and I don't see why.

Myst2708d ago

Played the demo for like 2 minutes and then bought the game all before PSN went down. Pretty fun game :)