The best Halo cakes around that even the Covenant would approve

Every time I see a collection of fancy cakes, it reminds me of my childhood where my cakes always looked like some generic clone of characters. Whoever made these Halo cakes should be proud.

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MGRogue20172713d ago (Edited 2713d ago )

Yummy. :P

It'd be alot better & tastier if they were made out of chocolate though.. The only chocolate one I see in the article is this one:

number472713d ago

How do they taste? The 'fondant' or whatever? Whats inside?

Does anyone know?

domo3252713d ago

We have a couple of places that makes these specialty cakes and have also ordered a couple for friends/family. The fondant has a chewy texture but the taste of it may not be for everyone. It is after all mostly for decorative purposes. Let's put it this way, if you want a delicious cake, don't use fondant.

As for the inside, you are given options of what you want it to be, like velvet, chocolate, vanilla, etc.

Convas2713d ago

These cakes are NOT a lie.

mokmoof2712d ago

Nope. This was a triumph.

LycanSoldier2713d ago

This is one of the most best articles i've seen in awhile.

No fanboy comparisons, no lame story. Just fucking cake.

almehdaaol2713d ago

These cakes aren't a lie indeed. Now where's my energy sword cake?

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The story is too old to be commented.