Why Sony’s PlayStation motion controls fail to Move me

Matt Bath at Which? Convo writes: Sony’s just launched its PS3 motion controller, the PlayStation Move, which it hopes will take a chunk out of Nintendo’s casual Wii crowd. But I can’t help but think we’ve seen it all before.

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article summary-
(i dont like move because its just a better version of what the wii offers so the wii is better as it came out first)

epic fail i bet he prefers his old crt of a hdtv and walking instead of a car

Mr_Bun2920d ago

Note to gaming 'journalists':

You can't call out hardware/software for not being "new" when you go hand out 9s and 10s for games like CoD # 4566132. How about we start using some consistent grading for once.

MrMccormo2920d ago

Consistency? Logic? You should know better.

Etseix2920d ago

agree :/, game "journalists" these days are really blind, just hope other "journalists" dont follow the same way ... or N4G will be full with -move fail , how move will fail, move flop- articles-

can't help but to think, when i first read the title, i thought
-because hes fat? lol :P

Scary692919d ago

I just went to the website to Vote yes, screw those who can only use their time to complain.

bostoner2920d ago

I played 2 party games and I cant believe they remind me of party games for the Wii!!!! No poop sherlock. Play MAG with it and see it reminds you of the Wii.

Anon19742920d ago

He has a point about the Move party games, we have seen all this before. Kinect is the same thing, these are nothing that we haven't already seen on the Wii.

Where you're right and he's wrong is when it comes to upcoming games like MAG, or Sorcery - or using Move in a game like Heavy Rain. We haven't seen anything like this on the Wii because the Wii can't pull these types of games off. That's were the difference lies.

If you want something for the kids, stick to your Wii. If you want something for yourself and your kids, the PS3 with Move is where it's at.

ZoidsRaven2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Well I'll be damned. I would have never (actaully I have) expected you to be praising motion controls, darkride. After all, you were the one who went on for months about how you sold your Wii because of motion controls.

"If I had the option to play Mario Galaxy or Zelda TP with a tradional controller I probably would have loved both of them, but the Wii-mote was just an irritation. If you're going to make me waggle a controller instead of press a button, I'd rather press the button, thanks. It just totally distracted me from playing the game."

Fogive me if I'm mistaken, but the PS3 Move isn't "a tradional controller" either. All this post proves most people's theory in the Wii section to be correct. Your beef with the Wiimote is not motion controls' fault, but the fact that you were just waiting for another company to do it. Mainly the conpany I knew you were waiting for.

An article is worth a thousand words. 7_7
BTW, house of the dead overkill and no more heroes 2 are both M rated games that use the Wiimote perfectly.

InfectedDK2920d ago

He's just a troll who's voice always got killed and slammed..
So now he writes something this stupid to make it sound "better"
But the article is totaly random and stupid

BubbleSystemSuck2920d ago

because i dont care what you care

bjornbear2920d ago

because you are paralyzed?...o.O

is this another one of those "anyone can write a journalistic piece" websites like examiner? but in UK.?

well...everyone has to start somewhere =P

badz1492920d ago

not to be disrespectful of the true paralyzed out there but the write is just plain dumb!

bustamove2920d ago

Wow, this guy really thinks people really care what he thinks. Other people are enjoying the Move so whatever.

jerethdagryphon2920d ago

just tried move and i was highly impressed no lag i could see and it was very responsive even the gladatorial duel worked as it duplicated the crazy moves i was trying

MikeGdaGod2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

Sunday i tried it for a few minutes and actually wasn't very impressed, i only played Sports Champion. it didn't seem to be as accurate as i was lead to believe and i couldn't seem to get the hang of it.

but yesterday i tried it again....this time it was great!!! the main difference was where i put the camera. the first day i had it under my tv and yesterday i put it on top of my tv. i didn't think it would make much difference but it really really did.

my accuracy was a 1000 x's better and the whole experience was much more enjoyable. i played it for hours....even while i watched the MNF game (i have a pretty sweet set-up). i played a few other demos and they were ok......but the one that has me completely convinced is RUSE.

RUSE is GREAT with the move controller.....way better than using the duel shock and i don't even have the nav yet, i used the DS3 in my other hand. i had so much fun......i couldn't believe it.

my point is...people have to take a little time with it and make sure the have everything setup for the best possible results. after figuring it out......i feel confident in recommending it to's great!!!!

Shaka2K62920d ago Show
DatNJDom812920d ago

matt bath's opinion is about as relevant as the dust floating in the air. Move works and thats a fact. No amount of spin can take that away from it. Another FAIL for "gaming journalism".

tinybigman2920d ago

his opinion means nothing to me just like those who say its a wii ripoff when they know its not, because the wii cant do 80% of what the move does.

also people who believe that kinect isnt an eyetoy clone with a little more opinions dont mean much to me either.

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cliffbo2920d ago

'For me, and the kids, it’s time to Move on. Let’s see if Microsoft’s Kinect – a similar system with just the camera and no waggle wand in sight – can reinvent video gaming. My bet: I reckon even Microsoft won’t be able to Kinect with the Wii’s already won war.'

Waggle wand? basically the author is a 360 fanboy

techie2920d ago

Hardly...he's a Tech editor and owns a PS3, while waiting for Killzone 3. And says not even Kinect will beat the is that 360 fanboy?

PlayerX2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

INB4 "Move is da truth motion gaming!" Seriously the only reason people post this stuff is because the PS3 fanboys get all sensitive about it.

n4gno2920d ago

The only reason why all the reviewers (or 99%) are saying that, it's perhaps because it's true dumbo.

Accept the facts fanboyz, and enjoy the good things !

Omega42920d ago

This article pretty much explains why the Wii crowd won't pick up Move.

2920d ago
Edward-Kraken2920d ago


I always wonder where you are when there are positive news about Move and negative news about Kinect.

MariaHelFutura2920d ago

You care WAAAY to much for things that don`t concern you. You don`t even own a PS3.

MikeGdaGod2920d ago

couldn't have said it better myself

Dylantalon12920d ago

This dude probably wears diapers also because he wore them before he wore clothing.