Men in speedos and a space shmup kick off the PSN Import Store

Starting today, Hokkaido-based MonkeyPaw Games MonkeyPaw Games will be launching the PSN Import Store with classic shmups Cho Aniki and GaiaSeed. The question is, do these titles still hold up in this day and age of space marines and brown?

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ObsidianSpire2859d ago

I want to try the second game for lulz.

domo3252859d ago

Hm, I think I'll pass on Cho Aniki.

icemankartel2858d ago

Cho Aniki looks SOOOO bazaar. i gotta give em props for being bold.

mokmoof2858d ago

Say what you will. At a glance, that is much more interesting than Call of Duty.

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