Pokemon That Look Like Digimon

There’s an argument going across the interwebs that the new Pokemon look a lot like Digimon and I’m here to tell you that, in fact, they do. It’s not even the 5th generation Pokemon that show signs of influence from the other show as a lot of the other ones from earlier years do too. Ever since the release of Pokemon worldwide in the tail end of the 90′s Digimon has been on it’s tail, though it never reached the same status as the former. Personally, I’ve always liked the design of Digimon better along with the fact they don’t just say they’re freaking names over and over. The anime shows are more tailored towards older kids (like 12-13) rather than the demographic of Pokemon being just those good old nine year olds. Each series has it’s pros and cons and I won’t go into that here. I’m just going to point out the obvious and not so obvious relationships between the two series.

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