GTA: San Andreas with GTA IV graphics looks pretty nice

This mod shows how GTA: San Andreas looks with GTA IV like graphics, but will never go out for download.

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El_Colombiano2556d ago

This. Is. Stupid. It looks NOTHING like GTA IV.

The Hunter2556d ago

Only Niko Bellic looks like GTA IV ;)

Viddharto2555d ago

This reminds me of my classmate niko xD

God_Of_Epicness2556d ago ShowReplies(1)
LycanSoldier2556d ago

Whoever modded this is blind.

Rrobba2556d ago

Mt thought exactly. Such a great game...such a horrible mod.

acky12555d ago

The mods not that bad...just niko in san andreas. Whoever wrote the title and description for this video is blind...not the modder. (unless they're the same person)

frostyhat1232556d ago

doesnt look that much better

TLG19912556d ago

yea thats probably the worst graphics mod in history of ever.
but that takes me back, never again will we have a gta with the same shit sounds and animation, its kinda sad thats what made it great

Simco8762555d ago

San Andreas was the best GTA. Its crazy how people can call Vice City the best... you can't hold a candle to the combined beauty of SA

mrcash2555d ago

Yeah I agree, SA being the best, but 3 and VC were also awesome. Theres just something about GTA that is amazing.

Seferoth752555d ago

Sorry but the Music is what killed SA for me. Vice city Radio owns SA radio and that to me made all the difference in the world

acky12555d ago

loved the 80s vibe and the influences from scarface. Ray Liotta's voice was perfect for the role too. San andreas is definately a close second.

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The story is too old to be commented.