Ripten Review: R.U.S.E.

RTS games have a long and bland history of being get the biggest army, destroy enemy base, repeat. Some games try and change that, deviating from their perfect formula (Good job EA…), and end up ruining the game. Well Eugen Systems has unleashed their game of deceit upon worldwide audiences and introduced something new to the mix, and it might just be good enough to win everyone over.

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Drjft2861d ago

Pretty sweet game. Love playing it.

KingNintendoFanboy2861d ago

I'd check this out but I'm still playing SC2.

greeneggsnsam2861d ago

They're not exactly similar games, except the RTS bit. You should at least check out the demo!

jaredhart2861d ago

Looking forward to getting it to play with the move.

Sandwich Bender2861d ago

This sounds pretty cool. The RTS scene needs a good shakeup.

kevco332861d ago

Very much liked this myself.

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