Halo Wars Preview

Cannon Fodder on the MegaDrive started it all, Starcraft on the N64 elevated the conflict and Command & Conquer deployed the first atomic weapons in the ongoing war between real-time strategy games and joypads. Console history is resplendent with examples of RTS atrocities, but Halo Wars is bringing peace with a decent set of buttons to push and a galaxy full of blammo.

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FordGTGuy4130d ago


I really want to see it in motion now.

Schmitty074130d ago

If we can expect it as early as Spring 08?

snoop_dizzle4130d ago

considering Halo was originally intended to be an rts.

At least thats what i have heard.

AuburnTiger4130d ago

Judging by the picture you attached, I fail to see this "AMAZING" description that you so quickly gave it. All I see is a couple of buildings with a total of 4 people in the middle. Am I missing something here or is this just Fanboy hype that's pushing your words?

BIadestarX4130d ago

AuburnTiger, can you point us out to a better looking RTS? OK... just in case.. we all know Sony fanboys sometimes can't put two ideas together... Kill Zone 2, Resistance and Grand Turismo are not RTS.
If that Picture is Gameplay... Halo wars is one of the best looking RTS yet.

AuburnTiger4130d ago

Try googling Starcraft II,

"If that Picture is Gameplay... Halo wars is one of the best looking RTS yet"

That's a pretty funny but expected statement from you.

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Lakuspakus4130d ago

Another game i HAVE TO HAVE!

jinn4130d ago

my money is on halo 3.