New competitive controller banned from professional gaming

There is currently much controversy in the professional gaming community against MLG and their recent decision to ban the “Razer Onza” from competitive tournament play at their live events.

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niceguywii602883d ago

Getting one of these along side the new MSFT controller.

TABSF2883d ago


Mouse and Keyboard FTW

getonmylev3l2883d ago

when your pic is a ps3 and xbox controller, hmmm....... something doesn't add up

TABSF2883d ago

There is also a Wiimote in the pic lol

I have all console but prefer PC

TheOtherSide2883d ago

For competitive play players must be in a equal level in regards to hardware.

One will win, may it be the best.

It should be the same for every competition.

PS: no one likes a cheater, especially gamers.

PSS: Steroids are still legal in these events, so use and abuse them LOL (sarcasm)

Jack-Pyro2883d ago

Kid's don't take steroids......unless you wanna be awesome!

fuckitimout2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

or give them their own lobbies

edit: @shabbaranks now you're a guy who gets what I'm saying. They don't realise that when move users start slaughtering ds3 users everyone will be bitching about how the should be banned or have their own lobbies. Why would a move user want to play against other move users? I know why, because they want the advantage. They know it's bullshit

JOLLY12883d ago

Why should they be banned?

fuckitimout2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

move is easier to aim with and more precise. Should be banned or regulated in multiplayer because it gives it's users an unfair advantage and isn't the standard controller that came packaged with the ps3. But of course most of you are too stupid or thickheaded to understand what I'm saying, so, fuck it.

@baka: the arcade stick isn't more precise. It's a matter of preference of an arcade fighting stick being better. Arcade stick has the same buttons but just in a different layout. Move uses motion tracking, ds3 uses analog. Two different things, in which, move wins when it comes down to quicker aiming. No, sir, your argument is silly. Don't question my logic again sucka

ShabbaRanks2883d ago

Especially for killzone 3 . . .


Considering pro gaming it's the other way around, pro gaming usually reach for controllers that are more precise/functional while they still are widely accessible, not simply goes for the standard "packaged" or the lowest common dominator. That's because pro competions will usually provide their own hardware instead of competitors bringing their own.

If you think an arcade stick isn't more precise than a D-pad or Analogic Stick chances are you never used one.

If anything, considering that Move can actually prove itself to be more precise than a common controller and as it's an official accessory controller for PS3, chances are it's adopted in Pro competitions to replace DualShock3.

Now if we are talking just ranked matches at multiplayer, you guys need to chillax, ranked MW2 matches aren't professional and, as matter of fact, most games (if not all) can't detect if you are using a standard controller or a mouse adaptor, third party (maybe turbo) controller and wat not. It's not on developers hands.

Also people are just convering their asses in case they started to get owned online ("oh, the other guy must be using Move, that cheater") not leveling the playing field, I don't see you kids asking for those US servers being removed to localized servers so you kids stop having an advantage in MP over the rest of the world.

Get your head out of your ass and if you think Move is better controller than DS3, just go out and buy one, it's an official peripheral, anyone can easily find it to buy. If you are not confortable with that kind of gameplay stay on controller, but stop whinning! I had seen thousands of times gamepad gamers owning k/m gamers, the thing is an average gamer will probably be better in m/k but this don't mean you can't master it and still own online with a gamepad.

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Baka-akaB2883d ago (Edited 2883d ago )

with that kind of imo silly argument , people shouldnt be able to use arcade sticks in fighting games tournament , and we all know how it usually goes .

If you enter a competitive world , you should be prepared to use the best hardware ... unless certain you play better on regular controls , imo .

LIke some folks still use pads at fighting games tournament with success .

Should racing games tournament ban wheels too ?

But hey ... their tournament ... their rules

eggbert2883d ago

would something like the Eagleeye Mouse/keyboard converter be banned as well?

fuckitimout2883d ago

thanks for the reminder. Ban it or give them their own lobbies. Unfair advantage and isn't the standard controller.

General Shrooms2883d ago

who the fuck watches mlg games?

Jack-Pyro2882d ago

No, I'm a nerd and I don't watchem, I think your talking about SUPER NERDS!!!

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