DTG: Preview- Gran Turismo 5

It's been years and years reaching an eventual release date, but Polyphony Digital's Gran Turismo 5 looks bigger and better than any racer DTG have yet seen. Take a look at Dedicated To Gamers' preview to get the run-down on all that you can expect come November...

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Cevapi882884d ago

chronological overview of the game....the formatting took some time getting used to...overall a good read

dedicatedtogamers2884d ago

Cheers for that, although the formatting is just how we prefer to do it.

ZBlacktt2883d ago

I have the Collectors Edition ordered. They said I can pick it up on the 28th of Oct. Cant wait to dive into this game. :)

mightydog012883d ago

already paid for gt5. Cant wait for it so near yet so far,Roll on to the release so I can test drive this baby

Domer252883d ago

The only game I care about; Period..

Def Warrant2883d ago

Already paid for 2 Limited Edition versions of the game. One for my big bro and the other for myself. I can't wait to form a clan and destroy noobs online lol. I'll be screaming "eat my dust" all the way from the finish line :)

rekonizakilla2883d ago

but im gonna hunt you and ya bro down, and i will own you both.

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