What's Wrong with the FIFA Series: A Soccer Coach's Perspective

Community writer Stojan Jovic: It's the same story every time when it comes to FIFA. I grew up playing soccer, from when I started walking until, well, what time is it right now? I coach a high school varsity team, I play in a men's amateur division, and I also ref as well. You could say I'm pretty into it. So why does the FIFA franchise always disappoint me?

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showtimefolks2921d ago

always was always will be fifa just doesn't feel right you could score the same goals over and over in fifa going through middle but do that on pes on a higher difficulty and you will get ur *** handed to you

Steve_02921d ago

I know exactly what you mean. I used to be a die-hard PES fan, but you gotta admit the next-gen pes havnt cut it. FIFA's been improving and since 2008 I feel Fifa was the better game. Looking forward to PES 2011, lets hope Konami bring back the magic of PES 5/6!
My favourite football (not soccer) games:
FIFA 98 Road to the World Cup,
FIFA 2002
FIFA 2009
FIFA 2010 World Cup South Africa

Baka-akaB2921d ago

pes 2011 is so far pretty good .

Fifa 11 too , but i agree that's is way too easy for my taste to be my favorite .

I'm getting both anyway , but pes first

badz1492920d ago

but not to the degree of buying the game every year. 2003 was the best for me and 2004-07 were dissapointments but never really got myself into PES! FIFA08 was a huge improvement from 07 and since then, 09(borrow from a friend) and 10 were great!

from the demo, 11 looks better and the controls feel a bit spot-on this time around but the penalty shoot-out was a total mess! WTF were they thinking? and WTH is with the 2-buttons control scheme? for total noob? I don't want to comment on being a goalkeeper because I think it's downright silly but I was left disappointed by the DEMO and lucky me I was never gonna buy it this year anyway!

Sadie21002921d ago

I wonder if real football coaches feel the same way toward games like Madden!

Matthew942921d ago

what do you mean by real? (glares suspiciously)

rod_furlong2921d ago

I'm also a Winning Eleven fan traditionally. Has FIFA actually caught up?

Gungnir2921d ago

I played hockey, and there are some things about the NHL series that drive me crazy too. I'm not sure any sports game is ever going to be 100% accurate. The more important question is, are the newer installments getting better?

HOSe2921d ago

this article is crap. the author has no idea what he is talking about and clearly doesnt know how to play fifa

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The story is too old to be commented.