Release of the week: Civilization V

If there was one thing that StarCraft 2 proved when it launched this summer, it was that there is a market out there for strategy games on the PC. A fairly large market. Civilization V will hope to capitalize on that market when it hits store shelves this week. Whereas StarCraft’s bread and butter has always been its fast paced multiplayer, Civilization V hopes that its deep turn-based strategy will still draw in gamers.

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Davedough2802d ago

I've been waiting for this title for the longest time. I hear it's so much better than Civ IV

bgrundman2802d ago

I don't know about better, just different.

monk3392802d ago

not better, different? that made no sense.

Arnon2802d ago

God I cant wait to play this. Being addicted to Civ IV doesn't help in the least bit.

bgrundman2802d ago

Must resist buying it...

roblef2802d ago

YOu can't do it! Resistance is futile!

lelo2play2802d ago

Why resist ?

It's a great game.

lolzers2802d ago (Edited 2802d ago )

Because he won't get much sleep if he doesn't lol :P

I feel the same way, but the need is just too strong. I am defenseless against it. I must have it.

UltimateIdiot9112802d ago

If I had time and money, then I wouldn't resist. It's because I lack both that it's a painful resistant.

starven2802d ago

This series is awesome. Really looking forward to diving into this game tonight. Goodbye life!

roblef2802d ago

My buddy says this game is great, but in my mind, it's just the same game, same mechanics, with a facelift.

bgrundman2802d ago

no, it has gone from a square to a hex grid. It is completely different now!

wondroushippo2802d ago

I don't see how much of a difference that can make, but it may still be worth checking out.

Triggs2802d ago

notably the "Stack of Doom" is history (no pun intended). Before the sorrounding terrain had no strategic value, now with one unit/tile Civ5 will be more like a chessgame than "Risk". I have played and witnessed the evolution of Civ since Civ 1, I want to experience the change on Civ 5 to see if it works or not. Can't wait to get a copy this afternoon. "One more turn" time!

eggbert2802d ago

game genre. Shooters are always aiming and shooting. Racing games are always racing...

Kakihara2802d ago

I didn't even know this game was coming out, games that deal with resource management and building armies have never been my cup of tea (though I love games with diplomacy and creativity) but I finally tried the demo for Civilization revolution last week and got hooked. I tried to buy the full game but it was sold out everywhere I went and I hate ordering stuff.

I still might get Civilization revolution before this to sort of ease me into the style but I'm pretty sure I'll be getting this at some point.

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