Christopher Nolan wants to make a “Inception” Videogame

Gamersmint : Turns out Nolan loves videogames, so much that he wants to do a videogame spin-off of his blockbuster movie Inception

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Hellsvacancy2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I personally didnt rate the movie all that much, i had every-1 sayin "Adam, dude your gonna love this film, trust me" so i went 2 c it the other weekend (smoked loads b4 i went in) and i couldnt wait 4 the film 2 finish, it started well but it went all poohy soon after, guess i was expectin 2 much, ive seen far better

I dont think a game would work based around the film, u could do a game but youd hav 2 use a different story, which is a good thing

cyborg2861d ago

won't be an adaptation of the film, Nolan wants to create an videogame experience based on what the film was about. Exploring more options that a movie didn't allow him to. I would actually be interested in such a videogame. More so cause I absolutely loved the movie

b045912860d ago

The movie was sick but it reminded me of the game -Psyconaughts....

Dacapn2861d ago

In all honesty, an inception based game would be possibly be the most groundbreaking game ever, ONLY if the appropriate time, effort, and money was pumped into such a project.

Can you imagine a multiplayer like subconscious vs. infiltrators where you would actually have different levels of dreams playing simultaneously? Even co-op would insane.

Eamon2861d ago

Hellsvacancy, don't worry. The film was intended to be far more than you can grasp.

erathaol2861d ago

Wish creative teams were easy to mess together, so Kojima Productions and Quantic Dream could do this with Nolan. They all like twist/turns in there narratives that push for a deeper understanding of issues we face today.

Since Warner Bros. if we're lucky maybe Rock Steady will end up being the ones to work on it.

bjornbear2860d ago (Edited 2860d ago )

I believe Inception is Nolans best work

because he wrote the story, directed AND produced it...thats a BIG deal =P if he had stared in it, he would have pulled an Orson Wells xD

It wasn't the best movie ever, it had its draw backs, but considering how ambitious it was, I found it to be an extremely solid cinematic experience, especially for an ACTION movie.

also possibly Di Caprio's best role since The Departed if not better (imo)

if a game DID come from it, it'd be in concept, not story. the story wouldn't work at all.

would be interesting, add some rotating physics ala Prey! =D

cobraagent - haha dude Kubrick is probably the best living director of this gen =P if people don't know him they haven't watched movies...xD so I doubt it..he's my fav along with Kaufman and Aronofski (spelling?) but Nolan is shaping up to be my absolute fav for this gen! =O

kaveti66162860d ago

You're disappointed because you got blazed and didn't understand the movie? Your fault. The movie was great. It has some problems and I didn't like Ellen Page's involvement but it was a great film, nonetheless.

BlackHairyTongue2860d ago

Hey you leave Ellen Page alone, she is a lovely lady! Representing Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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cobraagent2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

I love all of Nolan movies. The best director nowadays (along with Scorsese) and perhaps the new Kubrick(i bet 90% of n4g users never heard of him). Loved Inception, The Dark Knight, The Prestige, Batman Begins, Insomnia and last but not least Memento. I will definitely buy his videogame if it is directed by him. I think , however, he is busy working on batman 3

cyborg2861d ago

if this comes true, it will be a proper project. Look at the quote by him. He said, he might do it within the enxt couple of years. He will only start with this once Batman 3 is out of his way. I am hopeful that he will give us gamers, something as special as his movies.

cobraagent2861d ago

is a genious. I wish he starts making innovating new games and I hope these games sell very well (and overtake COD games in the process)

Whoooop2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Nolan is my favorite contemporary director and The Prestige is still my fav Nolan movie.

I recently re-watched Memento as I felt like it and I just noticed a big flaw that I didn't notice the first time.

Leonard always wakes up understanding and remembering the condition he has, he also remembers that he has to find his wife's killer and he never freaks out when he sees all the tattoos in his body.... He also remembers about the polaroids in his pocket every time no matter how many minutes it has passed since the last time he looked for them.

I understand that the movie needed some flaws to work as brilliantly as it does, but the movie revolves around his condition and him remembering about it all the time is like a major flaw.

I still think Nolan is a mastermind... I loved Inception and I love all of his movies except for Insomnia which is my least favorite, but then again... Insomnia was a remake so it wasn't written by him or his brother.

cjseaton2861d ago

It's not a flaw in the film that we see the things that you mentioned, but I believe that Nolan wanted us to see that Leonard's long term memory was just as flawed as his short term memory was broken and was highly influenced by outside sources that used his condition for their own selfish purposes. If you watch Memento closely you'll notice that by the end of the film that Leonard's long term memories aren't what they used to be. That's why he is on the phone with the mystery phone caller for half of the film. The guy on the other end of the phone turns out to be that ex-police detective who has ulterior motives for Leonard's disability and tries to manipulate Leonard my keeping his memories alive and twist and turn them to his advantage.

Whoooop2861d ago (Edited 2861d ago )

Yes I know that Nolan goes as far as he can to keep those plot holes from breaking the movie...

Still, Leonard had the condition and it was clearly showed that his short term memory loss had a span of about 12 to 20 minutes tops. The fact that he never forgot about the condition he had makes it a little bit hard to swallow.

He should forget about what the hell his purpose is and he never feels lost in that aspect... He always has control in that aspect and he shouldn't.

If you watch closely... He ALWAYS remembers about the Polaroids he has in his jacket, no matter how much time has passed. He even makes a thinking expression trying to remember about somebody or where he's staying at and he obviously can't, but somehow remembers about the pictures...

cmrbe2861d ago

come across as very honest. No frills, smoke or mirrors or pretentious which is why i really like his directing style. No hoopla,hype or anything. Just plain honest hard work and great movie making. Something most hollywood directors should learn from.

coolbeans2861d ago

Memento's one of my favorite movies of all time. :D

Information Minister2860d ago

Hell yeah! That was the movie that first turned my attention towards Nolan's work. I saw Memento and thought it was a great movie, I saw both Batman movies and thought they were great, then I saw The Prestige and realized Nolan was on a level of his own. That's when I became a fan. Inception is the best movie I've seen since Gladiator and one of my favorites.

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Telloth2861d ago

A game based on the film wouldn't work out too well. They never do really.
But a game set in the world of the film, using the same ideas? Imagine how amazing that game could be. There are so many possibilities there that I shudder to think how awesome that game could potentially be.

Neckbear2861d ago

Thing is, it depends on how they execute said ideas.

While a game based on the same themes than the movie would be VERY cool, when they had the tools to do something in the movie and they didn't do it, I feel than this game would be no different than an average First Person/Third Person Shooter.

DNAbro2861d ago

I actually love this idea. It's definately creative enough to do something with.

Redempteur2861d ago

it might be grate because the basis for awesome is already there .. you have precises rules about extraction and inception we already know what skills are needed to do the job ..
so i might be ok if he supervise the project a lot ..

i still have trouble forgetting "enter the matrix" such a bad game.

Newtype2861d ago

I loved the movie, if hes on board with the game the it would be executed well.

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