Sweet Tooth On PlayStation: The Official Magazine November Cover

David Jaffe reveals that Twisted Metal will be in the next issue of PlayStation: The Official Magazine and a character/vehicle is revealed in the issue.

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gumgum992733d ago

Nice! They went back to the classic PlayStation font from the PS One dsys for their magazine. Might have to pick this one up.

Natsu X FairyTail2733d ago (Edited 2733d ago )

He's backkkkk!!!!

black in High school I spent most of my days playing Twisted Metal Head On on PSP with my Friend who was sitting next to me during Physic Classes. I Think I know why I failed. :D

kratos1232732d ago

LOL natsu how can you fail physic its Soo easy

paintsville2731d ago

Unfortunately Sweet Tooth is the best thing about Twisted Metal. Not one of my favorite games.

Gitaroo2733d ago

they should make a movie based on sweet tooth.

skyblue142132733d ago

I ordered a year subscription of ptom a few months ago for a great price(thank you GOD), and should be receiving this issue soon.

Newtype2733d ago

they should make the Playstation magazine accessible on PSN. I mean....who buys magazines nowadays?

kaelix2733d ago

I do! 5 bucks subs on amazon for 12 months:D YAYY:D

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