Bobby Kotick's greediest/cleverest schemes

Even his instantly recollectable appearance - somewhere between cuddly uncle and black-eyed phantasm clown - gives him the air of a cartoon evildoer; his scalp aptly crowned with that matt of Joker copper wire.

Typically, this oft-caricatured nemesis of the everyday gamer wields an idiosyncratically insulting weapon of choice: The bonkers, opportunistic, cut-throat new business model. And he possesses many more than one.

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MGRogue20172857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

Wow.. You guys sure do love your Bobby Kotick,

If this gets approved & gets hot, He will have been featured THREE times in a row & he'll be over all over the front page.. That is insane.

But I guess that's something that somebody actually wants to happen.. :D

Let's hope he doesn't find this way onto this site & see all of this, lol

MAR-TYR-DOM2856d ago

CVG, nuff said. All this website does is try to get hits. Maybe Hiphopgamer runs this website in secret.