No PC Super Street Fighter IV Due to Piracy

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition is due to hit game centers this December. A quick look at the multiplatform score card and... that's right, all that's missing is the PC version.

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NYC_Gamer2644d ago

so much milking of 1 game

Yi-Long2644d ago

... cause I wasn't sure if I would like it.

I did like it though, and that's why I bought Super Street Fighter 4 for my 360.

There's no demo for the game, and if I hadn't tried out that PC version, maybe I never would have bought the 360 version.

F4sterTh4nFTL2644d ago

...cause I wasn't sure if I would like it.

I was right I didn't like it, the ancient controls suck and so do the lame characters in Street Fighter series.

dericb112644d ago

I think its cause their greed of wanting to charge to new outfits. I mean look at the amount of player made outfit they have.

The Sagat Kratos is sick!!!

despair2644d ago

Wolverine Vega and Hulk Zangief FTW, but I agree Sagat Kratos was badass.

pixelsword2644d ago

Mr. T Zangief is sicker. :D

pixelsword2644d ago


...always jacking (explicative) up.

No wonder Ninjas hates ya.

EvilBlackCat2644d ago

sell the games at $30 and put a life sentence in prison for piracy.

topdawg1222644d ago

This isn't milking at all because there is no PC version coming out at all. Yeah there are lots of DLC costumes, but guess what those are optional. You're being milked if you're dumb enough to buy the costumes. Some of them are pretty sweet though like Fei Long's. Other than that no milking, instead they gave us more features like tournament mode

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emil12644d ago

well sports games are not popular on pc that's why there is no pc versions of:

tekken 6
soul calibur 4
virtua fighter 5
mlb 10 the show
tiger woods 2011
ufc undisputed 2011
skate 3
wwf smackdown vs raw 2011
nhl 2011
fight night round 4
nba street homecourt
fifa world cup 2010

thedisagreefairy2644d ago

is made by sony and sold exclusive to their hardware. which is why there is no uncharted on pc either

TheGameFoxJTV2644d ago

Since when is Uncharted relevant to this conversation of Sports and Fighting games?

thedisagreefairy2644d ago

sony made mlb the show, so i used an example of another sony made game that most ppl know of to show that sony does not make games for the pc.

its logic really :)

stonedgamer2644d ago

why would MLB the Show be on PC anyway? is a Sony first part exclusive. i think you meant MLB 2K.

tunaks12644d ago

Street Fighter isnt a sports game...

Mr Tretton2644d ago

I bought the first two. No way am I buying a 3rd.

plb2644d ago

They seem to be doing the same approach from way back in the Genesis/SNES days. SFII, Super SFII, etc etc.

Otheros002644d ago

Super street fighter II turbo, Super street fighter II turbo gold edition, Super street fighter II turbo HD remix, street fighter III, street fighter III 2nd impact, etc.

Saryk2644d ago

I like racing games, strategy, RPG and FPS games (not in that order). When Street Fighter, Virtual Fighter and Mortal Combat was the big thing, I didn’t like them. I am a PC gamer and love my gaming. But games like those and sports games (except the manager series and racing) should stay on the consoles.

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