1UP Previews Legendary: The Box

To put it crassly, World War II first-person shooters owe their continued existence to two ironically juxtaposed forces: Adolf Hitler's Nazis and Stephen Spielberg's Saving Private Ryan. But as potent a combination as the two have formed in driving developers to create WWII FPSs in droves and shooter aficionados to gobble them all up, chinks in the armor have become increasingly apparent, especially on the demand side of the equation. Calls for a restriction on the staleness that the sub-genre has devolved into are starting to echo throughout the halls of videogame-dom. Simply put, to many, enough is enough. So if you are a developer, such as Spark Unlimited, with development experience largely attained through creating Medal of Honor and Call of Duty games, what are your options?

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duarteq3959d ago

why ppl are making FPS in general ?? What about other types of games ?? Original Games ??? i tired of this sh1t...

bootsielon3959d ago

I love the storyline. Evidently the game is made with hardcore gamers in mind, as in delivering a new kind of storyline. Hopefully the gameplay will be fun too, regardless of the innovation. We'll see if it's worth full price or not.