Is Heavy Rain the Best PlayStation Move Title Yet?

TQcast: For those that have yet to pick up Heavy Rain and own a PlayStation 3, you owe to yourself to experience one of the best PS3 games ever made. With a PlayStation Move update incoming, can this possibly be Sony’s best Move title yet?

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units2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

heavy rain wasnt built around move controls so i would say no

Cevapi882923d ago

well im gonna go cry into my pillow now :(

inveni02923d ago

That's stupid to say. Heavy Rain was built around the idea of using motion to interact with the environment. It is a Move game at heart. I have a feeling you haven't played it.

Weaksauce11382923d ago

Then Lair must be Move gold too?

sinncross2923d ago

In fact I'd love to Lair get patched.

You never know, could make a very good Move title.

Biggest2923d ago

Is Lair a flying only game? Or are you just pulling games out of your a** to make a weak point against the Move?

himdeel2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

...but the motion controls were just awkward at first. Yes it was a mostly flying game where you rode on the back of a dragon.

They should've shipped the game with the option to use motion control. Lair with Move support would be super easy a would be the closest this gen could have to a Panzers Dragoon.

There is a demo of Lair on the Hong Kong PSN if you're adventurous enough to download it.

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pwnd_of_lol2923d ago (Edited 2923d ago )

"One of the most innovative games in years for sure."

huh?? inonovative? Dragon's Lair have the same gameplay in years...

Heavy Rain= copied Dragon's Lair

Does the game have QTEs? Yes
Do these QTEs demand you do a certain thing or you die? Yes
Then congrats you are playing Dragon's Lair.

He's been saying this for the past year or so, but no one's getting the message (well, except for people who are already fanboys of this game)

Steve_02923d ago


Do you mean Dragon's Lair as in : ?
Because if you do, I'm fairly certain that games a side-scrolling platformer.
Besides, you can find something in every game that has been done before. Heavy Rain is innovative IMO in its adult themes, presentation, and in the deliverance and originality of the QTE's. Additionally, Heavy Rain has no game over screen - if your character dies you gotta live with the consequences and thus play out a fairly original (if not unique) experience.

pwnd_of_lol2923d ago

Quick Time Events are from Dragon's Lair... You still control your character and traverse the environment in the traditional manner. You investigate the environment through the usual click a button to pick something up and read it type of play that we all got of Dragon's Lair.

jeeves862923d ago

Srsly, you've never played the game. Just because you can pull a game from long past out of your ass and say that it has similar qualities to this one means dick all.

By your logic...Gears of War, and all of the OTS style games copied Resident Evil 4.

In DL, you didn't control where you went, it was a predetermined path. And in HR there are actually very few QTEs that result in death if you fail to execute them properly.

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PS3Freak2923d ago

but I can't wait to play through Heavy Rain again with Move controls. Heavy Rain is basically the reason I'm going to be buying Move.

TooTall192923d ago

Killzone 3, Socom 4, and Sports Champions are the reasons I got a Move. I would rather play Sports Champions than Heavy Rain any day. After playing with the Move I cannot wait to play KZ3 online with it!

FENDR2923d ago

i wanna try out the move but i think ill wait till the fight lights out comes out

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MariaHelFutura2923d ago

To tell you the truth their all good except for Kung Fu Riders. Which isn`t a bad game they just chose a wierd control scheme. Eyepet is also a good game which was surprising since I bought it for my daughter but I enjoy it just as much as her.

FLow, Flower and Pain need a update (for everyone) now.

inveni02923d ago

Yeah, I was pretty bummed to see that only PS+ users get the High Velocity Bowling update. I'm hoping it releases to everyone soon.

Godmars2902923d ago

People who have actually tried it with Move that is.

Anon19742923d ago

I haven't heard any complaints. I just started playing Heavy Rain myself, but I'm curious to grab a move controller and give it a try (I already have a PSeye). Anyone know when Heavy Rain is getting patched to support Move?

despair2923d ago

I heard mid October not sure if that's accurate

akiraburn2923d ago

Chupa-Chupa is correct, it releases tomorrow, September 22nd, which is awesome! Another confirmation link is here:

despair2923d ago

very nice, wow I was off by alot.

BARF2923d ago

i just bought move 20 minutes ago. im glad to hear that heavy rain is getting the patch tomorrow. that will give me a reason to play it again.

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Lovable2923d ago

I would say Tumble. It's so simple, yet so complex at the same time. It makes you think.

maniacmayhem2923d ago

It makes the game that more cumbersome

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