Critical Gamer: Killzone 3 in 3D with Move Hands-on

Critical Gamer writes: With Killzone 3 I popped both my 3D and PlayStation Move cherry. As with most firsts, there was a lot of fumbling and nervous laughter and ultimately, it was a mixed bag. I have never been a big fan of motion controls as I feel they are rarely used to great effect, and Killzone 3 did little to convince me otherwise. It felt tacked-on to what otherwise seemed like a solid continuation of what was achieved by the first two KZ games. With my crosshairs flying all over the screen I had difficulty in maintaining a steady aim, and turning corners was far more difficult and time consuming than it should have been.

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scruffy_bear2886d ago

3D sounds awesome need to get a 3D tv now tho :(

ozps32886d ago (Edited 2886d ago )

Can't wait, kz2 is my fav fps, followed by mag. Looking forward to medal of honour to fill the gap till kz3 arrives.

RememberThe3572886d ago

I think I'm with you on that. I'm still waiting to get my hands on Reach cuz my 360 is broken but my homey is about to bring over his 360 this week end and let me play that.

Since I wont have a Halo to hold me over I think MOH will have to do it unless I get sucked in by the COD hype.

paintsville2884d ago

Sony pushing 3d this early really doesn't make any sense. In order for you to take advantage of this you'll need to invest in a 3d tv and the glasses to go with it. That's a pretty big investment for the average gamer.

Cubes2886d ago

Yeah 3D looks pretty cool for gaming. Can't see me getting a 3D TV for quite a while though.

scruffy_bear2886d ago

Thats the problem with 3D tv's most people have just upgraded to HDTV

eggbert2886d ago

a TV from the 90's, it's like sub-sub-hd. only input it has is an RC switch.

I just have my PC hooked up to my PC monitor instead, its 720p so I can actually READ the text in the HD games.

jjohan352885d ago

Everyone I know has recently upgraded their TV to 1080p within the last 2 years. Nobody is willing to upgrade their TV within the next 2 years.

Not sure why TV manufacturers can't sell the emitter standalone that can work on non-3D TVs. That way you can add 3D to any current HDTV.

Socomer 19792886d ago

The rest will have to sit on the sidelines and wait it out. Playstation 3 is a luxourious pastime hobby.

Close_Second2886d ago

...I am still unconvinced with it being used with FPS/TPS games. The footage for SOCOM4 and K3 looks brilliant however.

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The story is too old to be commented.