IGN Brings Hammer Down On BioShock Queue Jumpers

People are keen for the PC version of BioShock. They're gagging for it. This being the internets, some were bound to try and bend the rules to get hold of it early. That's what happened on IGN's Direct2Drive, where a bunch of people found a way to pre-purchase the game AND start playing it, without waiting for the game's official release date. Some may have pulled it off, but most had their downloads cut off when IGN detected the loophole. End of story, right? These were all paying customers, this is the internet, Direct2Drive improve their security and we move on. Right? Nope! IGN have brought the hammer down, sending an email to all users they detected jumping the queue and trying to get the game early.

IGN are now threatening these users with legal action if they don't delete the game even though they paid for it. Which they legally purchased. Their defence? That using Direct2Drive subjects you to certain conditions, of which jumping the queue violates.

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Adamalicious3932d ago

I tend to think that this sort of letter is more about protecting themselves. 2K is bound to find out about it and could probably successfully sue IGN over it. I think IGN is just trying to make it clear that they neither allowed nor condone the actions of the D2D users.