Civilization V – The pain of waiting

Critical Gamer writes: Since last week’s demise of APB I have found myself in the curious position of not really having a game to play, or at least devote a significant portion of my free time to. Sure I could revisit old gems; but when it comes to games that I truly love, I tend to play them to a point of over familiarity, where every line of dialogue is memorised and the outcome of every decision known. In short there are few surprises left and these games lose their lustre, no matter how good they are. As such I recently completed my third full playthrough of Mass Effect 2 and my Nightmare mode playthrough of Dragon Age: Origins. I’m giving Arkham Asylum a well deserved second playthrough, but it’s somehow not enough.

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scruffy_bear2922d ago

Your not alone, I've be playing Civ 4 Rise of Mankind mod non-stop because the wait for Civ 5 is killing me

Cubes2922d ago

Civ 5 looks amazing, looking forward to playing it.

scruffy_bear2922d ago

Can't wait must have spend months and months playing Civ 4, once I'm board of the main game the mods will be out so free extra content :) got to love pc gaming