Square Enix Reveal New Final Fantasy XIV Online Payment System

Square Enix Ltd., the publisher of Square Enix interactive entertainment products in Europe and other PAL territories, have announced a new online payment method for Europe called Crysta. The first title to benefit from Crysta is the new Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Final Fantasy XIV that launches tomorrow with a special Collector’s Edition.

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sjaakiejj2926d ago

I don't get it, the site doesn't really explain to me what Crysta does?

sjaakiejj2926d ago

nevermind I just read the second link. I don't get the point though, what's better about that opposed to a direct debit?

Sarcasm2926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

Simply to confuse the consumers so they can milk and farm more money from them. Pretty much like MS points.

Christopher2926d ago

You buy 1000 crysta/points and use only 800. The 200 that you paid for and don't use for however long, well that money sits with SE and they make interest on that money and mark it as financial gain in the short and long run, even though it's not necessarily representative of the amount of money people have spent on their current service.

Celeras2926d ago

Think Microsoft/Xbox LIVE points. It's squares version of the exact same thing. You buy the points, and use them to fund subscription fees/security tokens/etc.

BubbleSystemSuck2926d ago

this site is lame...
every time makes my browser crash

Myst2926d ago

So I wasn't the only one? Back when I had my old laptop it was doing the same thing especially when I used firefox.

princejb1342926d ago

sorry to say but i think this game is gonna fail big time

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divideby02926d ago

"Additionally a special security token can be purchased that allows users to enter a One Time Password as an even more secure method for logging-in and making payments."

amazing the way these companies try to hose gamers

Neckbear2926d ago

Seems like Bobby Kotick's syndrome has been spreading at a fast rate.

Claous2926d ago

The security tokens have been available for over a year for ffxi so this isn't anything new to SE.

Sprud2926d ago

Blizzard has this too, for (and WoW) access. And it's worth it.

Reibooi2926d ago

The tokens are awesome. It's smart move considering if you are playing either Final fantasy XI or XIV your credit card info is behind that account. Plenty of Chinese hackers have been basically stealing peoples info in regards to Final Fantasy XI so SE made the Security Token and all it does is add a one time changing password to your log in so key loggers can't break into your account.

Blizzard does this with WoW as well. It's a very smart and easy way to make sure your account info(characters and credit card info) is safe. 20bucks for a token that lasts a few years of average use is a good deal to not be hacked or have you identity stolen.

Fadetoblack692926d ago

I never bought one, I guess I'm still on the fence about them. While I can see their value, why should you have to pay extra money for security that you should already have, especially in an mmo game??

I dunno maybe it's just me though. I'm getting the C/E version of ffxiv so I can finally check one out and see how they work.

Reibooi2926d ago


I thought something similar. Wondering If something like this makes the account so much more secure why do they need to make you buy it after the fact.

But the reason is because by nature it needs to be a separate device. If it was in any way connected to the PC it would be pointless as the hackers could crack it. As such companies like Square-Enix and Blizzard need to produce a device that needs to be mass produced and that's not cheap. Although what SE is doing this time around in the game for those who buy the CE edition is nice. The Token alone is worth the extra cost and you are still getting a bunch of other stuff.

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gamingisnotacrime2926d ago

You got to pay because Stone Cold Steve Austin says so, and that is the bottom line!

Fadetoblack692926d ago (Edited 2926d ago )

From what I understand, instead of paying to play the game online, you purchase Crysta from their website and then use Crysta to pay for playing the game online? I don't get it..... Whats the point?

Nihilism2926d ago

Admission price: 1 soul.

Sarcasm2926d ago

If you send in a limb, you get customizable DLC armor that can be claimed after sending in a blood sample in which you need to register with the Square-Enix fan club in order to get the link that re-locates you with a code with a confirmation email that shows you how to remove your soul. Once you start playing the game, you can then purchase Crysta in which you need to cut off your penis to sell as currency.

Yes, that is about as simple as it gets.

Nihilism2926d ago

lol that will be their unique way of combating gold farming, it's hard to mod addition human limbs for exchange via software.

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