Five reasons why Lords of Shadow could be better than GOW3

As we all knew, Visceral Games tried to compete with Santa Monica by releasing Dante’s Inferno at the beginning of this year. While Dante’s Inferno wasn’t a bad game, it failed to capture the magic of the God of War games. I’m not going to compare God of War 3 with Bayonetta or Darksiders, because I believe that each game has offered a completely different experience than Kratos’s latest adventure.

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immortal842922d ago

The game is going to be epic.

MrMccormo2922d ago

People's memories are so short. This was said about Darkstalkers, and the the same was said about Dante's Inferno. Neither of those games surpassed God of War 3.

Lords of Shadow really does look great, but it's a different game than GoW3. Why compare the two?

Troll_Police2922d ago

It was also said about Ninja Blade.

AntoineDcoolette2922d ago

By Darkstalkers I assume you mean Darksiders?

pixelsword2922d ago

It's funny how the PS3 is supposed to have the inferior graphics processor, but every AAA game that comes out is compared to exclusive PS3 games.

Make up your mind, people.

kancerkid2922d ago

Link was dead for me.
Here is a link to the cache:

paintsville2920d ago

Comparisons between this game and GOW3 were bond to happen.

As to the comment about the ps3 gpu...first party developers have the Sony engineers and Sony's deep pockets to help them over come any problems that they may encouter and to help them with better implementing the CELL CPU to take over many of the functions traditionally performed by the GPU. Third party developers don't have this option. So for a 3rd party game to be compared to GOW3 is quite an accomplishment, if it compares favorably.

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DatNJDom812922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

myself. Definitely going to be one of the better games this year. But I can give 1 reason this game wont be better than God of War 3, its a multiplat that has to accomodate the 360. Although I know it will be impressive in its own right. I know Im gonna play the hell out of it. Probably be the number 2 game behind GOW and there is nothing wrong with that. Seriously whoever wants this game to fail is a hater.

ABizzel12922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

The things Lord of Shadows have going for it are the length of the game, inspiration from God of War, and Kojima.

clank5432922d ago

Definitely. Also, I think a huge thing is totally different pacing. God of War is SO good and SO loved by its fans because each one is an 8 hour punch of entirely action packed adrenaline with jaw dropping visuals and ridiculous set pieces. However, Lords of Shadow is going to be a bit slower paced and more thoughtful in its approach to the action genre. Both styles are great in my opinion.

marinelife92922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

This game will end up with an 8.5 meta

poopface12922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I already have GOW3 so whatever, I just hope its close to as good as gow3 because then it will be alot of fun. I know its supposed to be pretty long, so thats one good sign.

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Croash2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

I mean, better than awesomeness, bring it on! I want that!

Now let's check these 5 reasons:

1 and 5)
Beautiful visuals that go head to head with GOW3′s visuals + Amazing atmosphere and mind-blowing enemies character design:

For what I've seen, it does look really good, and it's not even an exclusive. Now of course the most important thing isn't the texture resolution but the environments, character design and monsters design. Looks awesome so far. But I don't think it can be better than GoW, it's different. In a good way, I don't want to play Casltevania of War!

2) Longer and bigger experience (better value for your money):

Well I beat God of War 3 in 10 hours and I enjoyed every second of it, so it was awesome. If Castlevania is 20 hours long and has the same intensity found in God of War, everyone will be happy :o

3)Epic boss fights that inspired by Shadow of the Colossus:

GoW 3 had Kronos, Poseidon, and other great fights. We can't know for Castlevania yet but it's not the the size of the monster that matters, it's the way you fight it and the settings of the battle that make it impressive or not.

4) Great storytelling and amazing voice acting:

Trailers of Castlevania show that this will be really good, and it look like it will be on par with GoW if not better. Characters DO look strange and intriguing and they said some actors are really well known.

Now to conclude my "TLDR" worthy comment, all I can say is I do hope that Castlevania ends up being as good as God of War 3 or even better.
It's coming for both Xbox 360 and Ps3, it's a reboot of a well known series, it MUST NOT fail. 2 weeks to go :/

alaa2922d ago

nobody wants to see this game to fail.

number472922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

what always happens when we do this class? Some folk never learn. This game doesn't have the scale/aa/or texture&surfacing of GOW3, or lighting. GOW3 was gigantic. This is big.

I'm just glad all can agree that the PS3 is the only console releasing pinnacles of gaming visuals. Finally.

plb2922d ago

The graphics definitely don't match GoWIII but they aren't bad by any means. I hope this game turns out well. Always been a big fan of the series.

nycredude2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Why is it everytime a big multiplatform game comes out there are articles hyping it to be or possibly be better than some Ps3 exclusive? I mean seriously people in this industry has some serious inferiority complex issues.

let the games just be themselves.

DatNJDom812922d ago

These "journalist" really are corny.

raztad2922d ago

"Beautiful visuals that go head to head with GoW3's" really doubtful. I've seen those claims before, may be the art style can be comparable but GoW3 is a technical beast running at 40+ (average) fps.

What really is selling me this game is the storytelling. With Kojima on board, the story surely is gonna be mindblowing.

house2922d ago

great post i for one don't want the game to fail since its a classic and i don't think it will fail because Mr kojima is behind this title. and why must we compare titles why cant it just be both games are great just a thought

Croash2922d ago (Edited 2922d ago )

Well yeah a title like this shouldn't fail, it's been announced 2 years ago so they had all the time they needed to make it "perfect".

But I think comparing Castlevania to God of War isn't something bad. It's the goal of the comparison that must be defined.

I think that article simply wanted to say that Castlevania has a great potential and can be just as good than one of 2010's best games. It's not saying "OlOl loOk MultiPlatform game PWNS GoW 3" :/

Now the great thing is that a demo is coming tomorrow for European PS + members. I don't have a PS+ account but I guess Youtube videos will be just the thing I need :D

Biggest2922d ago

I'm not going to comment on the 5 reasons because they're general as hell and completely made up. Unless this is a review, I am pretty sure they haven't played the final game and can not know any of what they claim to know. I will agree that I hope this game is as awesome as it looks like it may be. Just the character presentation (from a recently shown trailer at TGS) gets me excited. It looks like a MGS/Heavenly Sword/GOW treatment for the main characters and bosses. It has a lot going against it being a multiplatform game. It'll be very hard to equal the visuals of God of War 3 while also having a game length of over 8 hours and then fit the game onto a DVD. It'll be tough to match the boss battles of God of War 3 as a few of them were presented in an incredible fashion. The one thing that I expected from the beginning was great story telling and voice acting. I believe that both MGS and Heavenly Sword did better than GOW3 in those areas. I fully expect Castlevania to match or surpass it as well. Either way. . . I want this game.

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Baka-akaB2922d ago

How about not being better than gow3 , and actually be a true castlevania ? Not saying yet it wont be , but that's what i'm mostly worrying about , not weither or not it's prettier or better than god of war ...

Apocalypse Shadow2922d ago

how about just being a GOOD game and leave it at that.....

Eamon2922d ago

Isn't it a reboot though?

colonel1792922d ago

Your are right Baka. The point is to be the best Castelvania game. If they are comparing it to a game that is not even a like, then something's wrong

Loadedklip2922d ago

The thing is if you take Castlevania and made it 3D ... how would it play in your mind?

When I first played Devil May Cry on the PS1 ... my exact thoughts were "Wow ... this is like Castlevania but in 3D!!!"

Unfortunately for Konami ... Capcom, Sony, and Tecmo all created the Castlevania type of experience in 3D before they could get it right (which took them forever btw).

So imho ... Castlevania is not copying God of War but rather God of War already perfected the style that Castlevania should be like in 3D gameplay.

wissam2922d ago

For god sake devil may cry was on ps2. and the new castlevania
gameplay copies gow style 100 %

Loadedklip2922d ago

My bad, I meant PS2. Still ... God of War is extremely similar to Devil May Cry and Devil May Cry felt like a what a proper 3D Castlevania should have played like.

Redempteur2922d ago

"God of War is extremely similar to Devil May Cry"

no no ..seriously Don't ..

god of war and devil may cry have so many différences ( gameplay setting , ambiant music ,levels structure ) ..where did you see the similarities ???

Eamon2922d ago

They aren't extremely similar. Only roughly similar. They are both hack and slash but have major differences.

Devil May Cry has always been about lightning fast gameplay with crazy combos and over the top moves.

God of War isn't lightning fast but it's always been about its epic scale and awesome boss battles and amazing quick time events.

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gillri2922d ago

looks awesome, hope it scores well

divideby02922d ago

why does every game have to be a Halo killer, GodofWar killer..

it wont be its a MP title and I can think of one MPlat title that beats a 1st party game

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