Hot new shots of scantily clad booth babes

We're all forced to begrudgingly frown upon the non-game-related assets that are flaunted about in bikini tops at game conventions, that is, if we are to satisfy the culturally implanted political correctness nodes jammed into our frontal lobes. But the truth is, ethics are bullshit in the presence of glossy skin-tight outfits, and everyone knows it. Just as we like movies which involve our favorite celebs removing their shirts, we like booth babes. Chances are, you like booth babes too, so write your thesis on sexist marketing practices later, and explore our hedonistic collection of trade show concubines now.

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THC CELL3953d ago

i would do them all in a heartbeat

ShiftyLookingCow3953d ago

wow you are faster than an energizer bunny

ALI-G3953d ago

but you ain't gettin it cause u PS3 FANBOY

rev203953d ago

Shove them in the ps3 bundle pack that would end this stupid console war

SuperSaiyan43953d ago

No those are top grade girls that need a really meaty guy that can put them through really well and as such they should be bundled with an Xbox 360 because Xbox 360 are for REAL GAMERS and these woman are for REAL MEN not little boys ;-)

rev203953d ago

I heard was these so called grown men, where sat waiting in anticipation for a game which could be described as the new power rangers ;)

Before you all cry its a bit of banter that is all

paracardium3953d ago

lol above comment coming from a dude that named himself after a dragonballz power up thing.I'm sure lots of babes chase supersaiyan around and probably says watch me power up.. on that note 360 is for little girls and ps3 are for real men.

Scrooge3953d ago

You're named after a membrane surrounding the heart, I guess that's not manly, is it?

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The story is too old to be commented.