A Look At the PS3 High-Def, Snap-On Video Screen

Kotaku: We haven't had a chance to take Hori's HD LCD Monitor 3 for the Playstation 3 for a full test run yet, but I wanted to give you a look at this high-def video monitor in action.

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awiseman2885d ago

however, if ppl hav hopes of turning this into a laptop then ur out of luck because the power consumption of consoles would suck a battery dry very quickly.

e-p-ayeaH2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

if the batery is recharged by solar and/or wind energy it would be perfect

Christopher2884d ago

Probably not bad idea for a dorm room. Most people I know in college now use laptops for their work, so this would clear up a lot more space in the end.

karatechoplifter2884d ago

If you think 720p isn't enough for a screen that's 11.6" diagonal, you must have some really great eyesight my friend!

divideby02884d ago

what is the purpose of this thang... such a small screen, what do they expect you to do put the whole thing on your lap and the price is just silly for 720

jerethdagryphon2884d ago

travel hotels keeping the kids occupied

caravans thats sort of thing

Noobasaurus_REX2884d ago

This OR a nintendo DS/PSP...

Newtype2884d ago

Oh, this again. Just like with the PSX.

Shackdaddy8362884d ago

Would be epic for long road trips....

e-p-ayeaH2884d ago (Edited 2884d ago )

Cant wait to play Bioshock on a submarine and Hawx 2 on a plane with this baby!

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