Halo: Reach doubles UK 360 sales - Eurogamer

Eurogamer writes: "Bungie's shooter had a "marked effect on hardware sales", with Xbox "up 99 per cent" for the week ending 18th September, director Dorian Bloch revealed to Eurogamer this afternoon."

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YoshiMeetsU2920d ago

So much for Halo not being a hardware mover.

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sjaakiejj2920d ago

Most of these sales are just people that already own a 360 re-buying it because their last one broke and they couldn't be bothered to buy one until Halo Reach releases. On top comes the special edition 360.

These hardware sales are not surprising. Whilst I'm sure there are a few new adapters, the thing is, everyone who would buy a 360 for Halo, bought one back when Halo 3 came out.

MiloGarret2920d ago

What in-depth market analysis are you basing your conclusions on? Really, I'd like to know.

Hades13372920d ago

Fanboys passing their biased opinions off as facts. Never ceases to amaze.

sjaakiejj2920d ago

I'd like to ask you two a simple question.

If you like Halo so much that you'd spend 160 pounds on it, then why did you not get a Xbox back when Halo 3 released?

Rather than just trying to brush off the comment and calling me a fanboy, take a logical approach to the suggested situation and place yourself in the shoes of someone who did not buy a 360 when Halo 3 released.

outrageous2920d ago (Edited 2920d ago )

No surprise...Halo Reach is a great game and deserving off all the accolades it gets. On my block, 3 families have bought the new xbox 360 S with Reach and it's because there kids don't want to be left out of all the Halo Reach Forge fun. Kinect will motivate more families to jump on board once they see how family friendly the games and system is. Sony Move is doing much the same to the delight of the Hardcore gamers everywhere...O_o

BTW...Kinectanimals will be the " must have " kids toy this year...wait till they get their hands on it and word of mouth gets around...oh skittles...fetch!!!

TROLL EATER2920d ago

ofcourse halo is the big system seller

paintsville2918d ago

There was never a doubt that with the newly revised 360 and the release of reach, that it wouldn't be a big console mover. Big success for Microsoft.
I Killzone 3 will hopefully have the same effect for Sony.

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predator2920d ago

It was going to happen much like any major release with good marketing, MS have done good with Halo, now we need Sony to really push marketing for Uncharted 3 (when announced) and we will see a similar affect. Like I said before great games deserve great sales

Dlacy13g2920d ago

"now we need Sony to really push marketing for Uncharted 3 (when announced) and we will see a similar affect" Why do "we" as in "you" need to see a similar push? Do you have stock in Sony? Or do you need this "push" to help your fanboy "member" grow in relationship to how well your console of choice sells?

predator2920d ago

well if you don't understand me let me put it simple....I own all 3, I love Halo and I'm glad its done well, I love uncharted and wished sony would up their game in marketing so more people will know and enjoy the game...was that so hard to understand? not everyone on this site are fanboys or go out looking for fights so how bout you say something constructive or nothing at all.

Dlacy13g2920d ago

Well let me start by saying: Constructive.

There, it wasn't that tough after all. ;)

As to your comment, you certainly are right not all here are fanboys. Your comment did come off that way but maybe I am just being a bit jaded by N4G of late.

MS definitely supports the Halo franchise as it is their flag ship IP and outside of Gears I dont see any other IP coming close to taking that crownd.

I think your desire to see Sony get behind Uncharted 3 will be rewarded. They seemed to put a big push behind 2 and it did well.

I don't know that Uncharted will become that flag ship series for Sony like Halo has. Halo has an advantage of being bigger than just the one character. It is the Star Wars of video games to a large extent. Uncharted is really tied to the Nathan Drake character and while he is a great character it will limit what Sony is able to do with the Uncharted franchise. No Uncharted Wars for Sony in the future plans.

emil12920d ago

This could be one of the reasons:

Microsoft planned its biggest marketing for a game, surpassing the scale and cost of the award-winning Halo 3marketing, which cost $6.5 million in 2007 dollars

CharlesDCI2920d ago

Why don't they tell us how many consoles they sold instead of telling us about an increase?

coolbeans2920d ago

You just need to take x number from 360's UK sales last week and double it to get your answer. Don't tell me the site has to hand-feed you every piece of information.

R2D22920d ago

good stuff coolbean.

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