Video of nullDC Dreamcast Emulator Running Games on PS3 is now pleased to exclusively bring you a video of it in action! Progress has been steady since his last update, showcasing the BIOS running. Games are now running and all of the graphical glitches are now gone from the BIOS! This is still a very early build of this emulator, and it will be a few more weeks before this really gets to playable form. It is currently running very slowly, (7.5 frames per second), but drk||Raziel has not even touched speed optimization yet. Also, many games have graphical glitches, sound is not ported yet, and most games don’t boot at all (mainly because they gripe about not having sound). However, progress is moving extremely quick on this project and it is shaping up very nicely!"

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Yi-Long2887d ago

...which hopefully, it will.

Aren't there any good Dreamcast emulators for the PC!? Would love to revisit some of those old classics.

Anton Chigurh2887d ago

The hidden Feature of Frimware 3.41