Gamenoob: PS3 Firmware Update Problems?

The PlayStation 3 update v3.50 – which today was available to download – was meant to bring 3D Blu-ray support to the console. However, after trying to play a 3D blu-ray on my PS3, there seems to be some problems with the update.

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HeroXIV2858d ago

The problem they're having has actually been recognized by Sony, from PS Blog :

"Depending on the content, some elements may be displayed differently in 3D on the PS3 system than on other playback devices."

hakis862857d ago

Just watched Monsters vs Aliens in 3D on my TV and PS3 with no problems... hope the problems will go away for others!

DMason2857d ago

Since the update, I cant even sign into the PSN. It keeps telling me wrong username or password. When I try to retrieve my password, it gives me an error. Anyone else having this problem?

Focker-4202857d ago


Sony are doing maintenance, just like they had announced 2 days ago that they were.

Windex2857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

what was said in your quote has nothing to do with this article....

The author is likely having a problem because 3D tvs just got standardized... and tech behind 3D tvs were used to be different.

some first gen TVs used to have polarization images for 3D. And then it moved on to shutter tech 3D(same tech that Sony uses)

now most TV has shutter tech and things have standardized, but some earlier models werent.

The author is likely having issues because 3D tv he bought is earlier model or one that hasnt been standardized.

and thats what the quote meant. IMO, from the article, i think the author is writing this to get hits. he has to know what he is saying isnt true.

insomnium2857d ago

I couldn't sign in to psn about the time you wrote your comment dmason but now I tried it again when I woke up this morning and it's ok. I got a little worried at first since it told me my id or password was incorrect. I was like wtf? Then I remembered reading something about a maintenance so I thought it would be ok in the morning and here we are :D

doughboy20082857d ago (Edited 2857d ago )

I don't know what I did wrong I updated and it's not playing my copy of Monsters vs Aliens and it's not working. How did you get it to work?

P.S. My ps3 isn't even recognizing the disk?!?!!

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ScoobyDrew2857d ago

they are updating the store and doing some other stuff and you won't be able to login until later. just check the ps3 website.

Thursday2857d ago

You, sir, are hereby demoted and may no longer call yourself "Lord"!

vhero2857d ago

We get a firmware update problems article every time a new firmware is out. Can you please actually try find REAL faults with the PS3 instead of this?? Seems those PS3 haters can't that's why every PS3 firmware has probs. The thing is if it wasn't for MS and that firmware that bricked over 1 million consoles these articles probably wouldn't have ever existed.

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johndubya2858d ago

But when it makes the film impossible to watch, then there definately a problem. I'm sure it won't take them long to sort it out. Sony are normally quite quick with those sorts of things!

fucadastates2857d ago

well there isent a problem with alien vs monsters... the only 3dmove i have at the momment

TLG19912857d ago

i'm sure sony is on top of it already, good old sony lol

SuperStrokey11232857d ago

Another update another rash of webpages claiming there are issues with it... there will be no end to it.